Ultimate 70s Trivia Questions and Answers

From facts about the Vietnam War to 1970s movies, it’s time to test yourself with the ultimate 70s trivia questions and answers!

70s quiz questions

Are you a 70s music trivia nerd? Do you love watching classic 70s movies and TV shows? Are you hot on your 1970s political scandals? If you are looking for a challenge and feel you have the knowledge, then these 70s trivia questions are for you!

These 70s quiz questions will test you on a range of different topics from music to history to popular culture. While you may be able to name the US presidents from the decade, can you name their scandals? Do you know the key dates of the Vietnam War or the successes of John Lennon? Do you have what it takes? Will you make it to the end or will these 70s trivia questions leave you with your head in your hands?

70s trivia facts
It’s time to test yourself in our 70s quiz

Our questions are a mix of simple and fiendishly difficult. You will be asked about politics, TV, film, the most famous bands and singers of the decade and globally important events. While these 1970s quiz questions are designed to challenge you, we hope you will learn a few things too!

There are 15 70s quiz questions below, each with a choice of four different answers. Remember, only one of the answers is correct, so choose wisely!

70s trivia questions
Right, let’s see how you do. Good luck everyone!

70s Trivia Questions and Answers

The Village People released which famous hit song in 1978?

Why did US president Richard Nixon resign in 1974?

Which gay rights activist became mayor of San Francisco in 1978?

What was the name of the 1971 Christmas hit released by John Lennon and Yoko Ono?

Which 1970s TV show features an evil race called the Cylons?

In what year did the Vietnam War end?

In which 1970s movie did John Hurt’s character die after a creature burst from his chest?

Which female singer went to have a hugely successful solo career after leaving the Supremes?

Who boycotted the Oscars in 1973 despite winning the award for ‘Best Actor’?

Which movie franchise set in outer space released its first film in 1977?

The Munich Massacre occurred at which international sporting event in 1972?

Wings was the name of the band created by which member of the Beatles in 1970?

Who was president in America during the 1973 Oil Crisis?

In the UK in 1979 Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to do which job?

Queen’s debut album was released in 1973, but what was it called?

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