Ultimate Bird Identification Quiz Questions and Answers

From wingspans and species to fascinating trivia, it’s time to test your knowledge in this fun bird identification quiz!

bird quiz questions
These bird identification quiz questions are guaranteed to challenge you

Are you an avid birdwatcher? Do you love watching what flies in and out of your garden? If you’ve already played our popular bird quiz, going to love playing this one too.

You might know your hummingbirds from your ostriches, but do you know about national birds from around the world? These bird trivia questions will separate the expert twitchers from the wannabe birders.

Do you know how many times a hummingbird’s heart beats? We’ll find out in this bird identification quiz

We’ll be asking you about common names for popular bird species, facts and stats about eggs and there’s even some fun bird-related music trivia in here too.

bird quiz questions
There are questions on this beast coming up in our bird trivia questions

Whether you’re hosting a quiz round for friends or you want to take the test right now, there are 15 bird identification quiz questions and answers coming up, guaranteed to test your knowledge. Good luck!

bird quiz questions
Test whether you know your albatrosses from ostriches in these bird identification quiz questions

Bird Identification Quiz Questions

Which bird has the largest wingspan?

A 'keet' is the name for which baby bird?

What is the fastest bird in the world, with top speeds of up to 300 km (186 miles) per hour?

Which of these birds can fly backwards?

What is the national bird of the USA?

What do you call a group of owls?

What do you call a male swan?

Which of these birds do you associate with Christmas?

Which bird lays the largest eggs?

Which creature does Albania have on its flag?

How many times per minute does a hummingbird's heart beat?

Which group had a hit with 'Albatross'?

What makes flamingo feathers pink?

The bee hummingbird is the smallest species of bird, but how long are they?

The 'kiwi' is the national bird of which country?

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