Ultimate Bridgerton Quiz Questions and Answers

From its Regency-era romance to the well-kept secrets of Lady Whistledown, are you a big enough fan to tackle our Bridgerton quiz questions?

Bridgerton quiz questions and answers
There are some tricky Bridgerton quiz questions and answers coming up

Bridgerton became a global sensation when it launched in 2020. It hooked fans from the get-go with its ‘will they, won’t they?’ love story and the enigmatic Lady Whistledown, leaving fans crying out for more. Will your binge-watching be enough to tackle our Bridgerton quiz?

Bridgerton quiz questions and answers
These Bridgerton quiz questions and answers will test how well you know the show

While period dramas like Downton Abbey excelled in authenticity, Bridgerton went down a different path, fusing historical intrigue and modern cinematography to create something spectacular. What you may not be aware of, however, is where the show drew inspiration from. Do you know which century the show was set in and the novelist who penned the books originally?

Bridgerton trivia questions
There are Bridgerton trivia questions about some of the main characters

How much attention did you pay to the many twists and turns we’ve seen in the first seasons? Did you notice the Bridgerton’s unique naming scheme, and can you remember the occupation of Anthony Bridgerton’s mistress?

Between the show’s riveting romances and fascinating family dynamics, there’s plenty of Bridgerton trivia for us to dig into here. Are you a big enough fan of our favorite Netflix drama to pull off a perfect score? Give it a go and find out!

Bridgerton trivia questions
Are you going to ace these Bridgerton trivia questions?

If you had fun with our Bridgerton quiz and enjoyed the show’s take on Regency-era London, why not take your best shot at our British TV Quiz?

Bridgerton Quiz Questions

The Netflix series is based on a sequence of books written by which author?

The Bridgerton family's children were named alphabetically. What number sibling does this make Eloise?

The first season of Netflix's adaptation was based on which of the original novels?

What is the cause of Lord Featherington's death at the end of the first season?

Which actress portrayed Lady Whistledown in her role as the show's narrator?

Why did Simon Basset's father believe he was unworthy of becoming the next Duke of Hastings?

What occupation did Anthony Bridgerton's mistress work in?

Bridgerton is set in which century?

What are the names of the three Featherington daughters?

Who took in and cared for Simon Basset as a child?

Daphne Bridgerton originally had issues finding a suitor. Why was this?

What promise did Simon Basset make his cruel father before he passed away?

Who was tasked with helping the Queen identify Lady Whistledown?

Who did Eloise become convinced was actually Lady Whistledown?

Who does Anthony Bridgerton fall in love with over the course of the second season?


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We hope you gave our Bridgerton trivia your very best – how did you fare? There were a few tricky ones in there, so don’t worry if a couple tripped you up – you’ll remember them for next time!

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