Ultimate Christmas Movies Quiz Questions and Answers

The holidays always make us feel a bit santa-mental, so what better time for a Christmas Movies Quiz? Don’t fret – we know you’re going to sleigh it!

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and you don’t get much jollier than a cup of cocoa and decorating the Christmas tree.

The holidays are the time for love and laughter, the time to pop the fire on and snuggle up under the blankets with family, friends, and the largest tub of ice cream you could reasonably buy without attracting attention.

Of course, nothing says Yuletide like catching your favorite festive film at least seven times before December’s really begun, so with that said, how well do you know your Christmas movie trivia questions?

holiday movie trivia
It’s time to test your holiday movie knowledge!

Here at Ultimate Quiz Questions, we’re going to spruce things up a little with our Christmas Movies Quiz, and we’re only settling for best of the best.

Do you know who that tall guy was in Elf? Does the thought of Tim Allen warm your heart, or are you still traumatised over Wild Hogs? Does The Polar Express bring the magic of Christmas home, or is it Harry Potter’s ride back to wizard school?

There’s only one way to find out, so grab your besties and see how well you really know your Christmas movie trivia! It’s time to start wracking those brains – this is snow joke!

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christmas movie trivia questions
Hopefully this isn’t your face at the end of the quiz!

Christmas Movies Quiz

Who was left ‘Home Alone’ in 1990s Christmas blockbuster?

Who played lousy-dad-turned-superhero in 1996’s ‘Jingle All the Way’?

In ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’, Charlie and his friends all sing a popular Christmas carol towards the end. Which carol was it?

Which of the following Muppets does not make an appearance in ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’?

Richard Attenborough stole the show in 1994’s remake of ‘Miracle on 34th Street’, but in what decade was the original movie released?

What was the name of the Mogwai given to Billy as a Christmas present in 1984’s ‘Gremlins’?

On what date does ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’s story begin?

Who appears as Santa Claus’ wife in ‘The Santa Clause 2’?

Who voiced Jack Frost in his eponymous 1998 Christmas movie?

Which toy does Buddy appear to dislike in 2003’s ‘Elf’?

What was the name of the Grinch’s dog in 2000’s ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’?

Who memorably narrated 2004’s ‘The Polar Express’?

Which of the following action movies is really a Christmas movie in disguise?

Which of the following does not appear in 2003’s ‘Love Actually’?

Which Christmas Movie has made the most money in history?


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And here we are at the end of our Christmas Movies Quiz – did you put on an un-fir-gettable performance?

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While you’re at it, why not see how your friends and family fare? Prove that there’s only room at the Christmas table for one Quiz-torian by challenging them today!

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