Ultimate Commonwealth Games Quiz Questions and Answers

From mind-blowing medal totals to awe-inspiring record-holders, our Commonwealth Games quiz spans a most prestigious event – how will you do?

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games quiz
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games quiz

The Commonwealth Games, often called The Friendly Games, has been a reliable sporting fixture since 1930 and shows no sign of disappearing any time soon.

Though the games were first established as a means of spreading goodwill in the British Empire, they have grown into a celebration of the Commonwealth and the achievements of those within it. But how’s your knowledge of the games themselves? To find out, we’ve put together 15 Commonwealth Games quiz questions to see how much you really know about one of the oldest gatherings on the sporting calendar!

Commonwealth Games quiz questions
We’ll test your knowledge with these Commonwealth Games quiz questions

All great sporting events come with their own traditions and the Commonwealth Games are no exception! Do you know how the start of the games are usually celebrated? Are there any noteworthy sports that you know aren’t represented at the games?

Do you know where the Commonwealth Games were first held, or how many years separate each event? More importantly, do you know which nation consistently takes home the most medals? Let’s hope your home country has been representing you well over the years!

Commonwealth Games trivia
There’s lots of interesting Commonwealth Games trivia coming up

There’s plenty of Commonwealth Games trivia and more for you, so read on and put your sporting smarts to the ultimate test!

Commonwealth Games quiz questions
Best of luck with these Commonwealth Games quiz questions!

Once you’ve finished our Commonwealth Games quiz, see how you manage against our Olympic Games quiz and fight your family for first place! 

Commonwealth Games Quiz Questions

The Commonwealth Games take place once every ___ years.

In which country were the first Commonwealth Games held?

In which year were team sports first played as part of the Commonwealth Games?

Complete the Commonwealth Games’ motto: “Humanity, Equality, _________.”

Which was the only sport to allow female competitors at the 1930 Commonwealth Games?

Which athlete holds the record for most medals won at the Commonwealth Games?

Which country has earned the most medals since the Commonwealth Games’ inception in 1930?

Where are the 2022 Commonwealth Games due to be held?

Which of these sports has never appeared at the Commonwealth Games?

Who became the first gold medal winner in a para-sport in 2002?

How many core sports are recognized by the Commonwealth Games?

What tradition heralds the start of the Commonwealth Games?

How many Nations currently make up the Commonwealth?

How many medals were awarded at the 2018 Commonwealth Games?

The 2002 Commonwealth Games, hosted in England, happened to coincide with which other significant event?


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