Ultimate Dinosaur Trivia Questions and Answers

From spiny Stegosaurus’ to terrifying T-Rex’s, dinosaurs once ruled this planet. Prepare your fossil facts for our dinosaur trivia questions!

dinosaur quiz

It’s hard to imagine a world without takeaways, televisions, and Twitter, isn’t it? Yet it’s harder still to picture the giant, angry lizards that used to rule the world. It’s time to put your knowledge of paleontology to practice and see how you fare with our dinosaur trivia questions today!

We’ll be looking at some of history’s most horrifying beasts and the events that led to their extinction, but we aren’t stopping there! Expect questions about the very first fossils uncovered, and even their huge Hollywood debut. You all know what movie we’re talking about!

Do you know which dinosaurs were meat-eaters, or which preferred plants? Can you recall which dinosaur had a fearsome fifteen horns, or which spent years misidentified as a Brontosaurus by modern researchers?

dinosaur trivia questions and answers
How much do you know about dinosaurs?

Have you seen the movie that made the Tyrannosaurus Rex a household name? And do you know what it’s name really means? Have you any idea how many species we believe once roamed the Earth?

Today’s dinosaur quiz will touch on all of the above and more, so we hope you’ve got your brains in gear! If you think you’ve got what it takes to tackle some Triassic trivia, read on and give it your best!

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quiz about dinosaurs
It’s time to put your dinosaur knowledge to the test!

Dinosaur Trivia Questions

Which of the following dinosaurs had fifteen horns?

In what year were dinosaur remains first discovered in North America?

'Tyrannosaurus Rex' is Latin for which of these translations?

Which of these is believed to be a direct ancestor of the dinosaur?

When are the dinosaurs believed to have been made extinct?

Which of the following species was carnivorous?

Fossilised dinosaur droppings are known by which of these scientific terms?

The term 'dinosaur' was coined by which of the following palaeontologists?

Which dinosaur was mistakenly identified as Brontosaurus for many years?

Which dinosaur-themed novel was adapted for cinema in 1993?

The Diplodocus lived during which time period?

Dinosaurs are officially designated as having belonged to which animal family?

Dinosaur fossils are primarily found in which kind of terrain?

How many species of dinosaurs have currently been identified?

Which dinosaur had the smallest brain compared to the size of its body?

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We hope you didn’t end up like this after our quiz!

We hope you had fun with today’s dinosaur quiz – did you come out with the score you’d been hoping for? We’ve learned a fact or two we’ll be keeping in mind for the next pub quiz ourselves.

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