20 BEST Elvis Quiz Questions and Answers

Get ready to test your knowledge of the King of Rock n’ Roll with these fun Elvis quiz questions and answers.

elvis quiz questions and answers
These Elvis quiz questions and answers will challenge even the biggest fans of The King

Looking for the best Elvis trivia questions?

How well do you know the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll? Everybody loves his classic songs, but do you find yourself singing along to ‘Hound Dog’ or perhaps you’re more of a fan of his iconic movies?

As one of the most iconic singers of the 20th century, most people “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with Elvis Presley! Coming up, we’ll challenge you with some fun Elvis trivia questions. This Elvis quiz covers a bit of everything, from his childhood right up to his years as a superstar. Perhaps you’ve taken a trip to Graceland? This quiz will test what you remember seeing at the icon’s home!

Plus, there are questions on important figures in his life, what made his career successful, and some other fun trivia too. It’s called the ultimate Elvis quiz for a reason!

Make you know all the lyrics backward, perhaps you’ve seen Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis movie a dozen times, or maybe you have the King’s iconic dance moves down to a tee. Whichever sounds the most like you, this quiz is sure to put your Elvis knowledge to the test.

elvis quiz questions and answers
If you love the 1950s, you should ace these Elvis trivia questions

Are you ready to see if you’re The King’s number one fan with these Elvis Presley quiz questions? Challenge friends, family, or yourself to see who comes out on top!

Ready? Let’s go…

elvis quiz questions and answers
Ready to take on these Elvis quiz questions and answers? Good luck!

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Elvis Quiz Questions

Where was Elvis Presley born?

What month was this rock-n-roll king born in?

What did Elvis famously do at the height of his music career?

Where did Elvis perform all of his rock concerts?

Elvis made Memphis, Tennessee his home for many years, but how old was 'The King' when he bought the beautiful Graceland estate?

Where did the King meet his bride, Priscilla?

Scatter was significant in Elvis’ life, but who was he?

Approximately how many records has Elvis sold worldwide?

Lisa Marie Presley was important in the life of Elvis. Who was she?

Elvis allegedly loved eating a “Fool’s Gold Loaf”... but what was inside this bread-based food?

What was Elvis' natural hair color when he was born?

Which martial art was Elvis good at?

What was the first movie Elvis Presley starred in?

What presidential piece of property did Elvis buy in 1964?

How many movies did Elvis star in in his lifetime?

Who plays Elvis in the 2022 biopic?

Who was Elvis's manager for most of his career?

What was Elvis's iconic hairstyle called?

What was Elvis's middle name?

Which year did Elvis die?

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