Ultimate Family Quiz Questions and Answers

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids? Get a team together and put your loved ones to the test with these family quiz questions!

family quiz questions

If you’re looking for some entertainment suitable for grown ups and kids alike, you’ve come to the right place! Everyone loves a quiz, and this is one you can all get involved with.

There are 15 family quiz questions coming up, covering lots of different entertainment categories. If there’s a book lover among you, they’ll have a chance to shine. Does someone in your family know lots about geography? There are plenty of questions to test their knowledge.

family quiz
There are geography questions in this family trivia quiz

Hands up if you’re a space nerd? There are a few questions ideal for you in this online family quiz! We’d recommend rounding up a team and holding your very own games night.

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If you know about space, you’ll enjoy these family quiz questions

Ready to play? It’s simple. Scroll down and you’ll find 15 family quiz questions. To make things a bit simpler, you’ll have a choice of 4 multiple choice answers.

Also, if you’re looking for more interesting topics for the kids, then check out our other site Fun Facts About to learn loads of amazing facts!

Ultimate Family Quiz Questions and Answers

In the solar system, which planet is known for its rings?

What is the name of the actor who plays Harry Potter in the movies?

In which country would you find the famous pyramids?

In the human body, where would you find atriums, aortas and ventricles?

In which continent are Chile, Argentina and Brazil?

What is the name of the spacecraft that took the first men to the moon?

At a length of 4,132 miles, what is the longest river in the world?

The Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat are characters in which famous book?

What is the capital of the United States of America?

Maroon and scarlet are shades of what color?

Where were the Olympic Games held in 2016?

Tacos and guacamole are popular foods from which country?

What is the first name of the current president of the USA?

What is the name of the galaxy containing earth and the sun?

What is the largest ocean in the world?


Did you score top marks in this family quiz or do you all need to revise a little more.

If you enjoyed playing, how about challenging some of your friends to play with their families too! If you’re looking for lots of great family friendly quizzes, click through to the rest of our family quizzes.

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