Ultimate February Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you know what February is known for? Take our ultimate February quiz questions and find out why this is the month of love & romance!

february trivia questions

February is a bit of a weird month, isn’t it? Only 28 days (except every 4 years when there’s 29!), it’s a hard one to figure out.

If it wasn’t for Valentine’s Day, we’re not too sure what February has going for it. It’s often a month we want to pass us by very quickly.

Saying that, the history of February is fascinating. Take our February quiz and you’ll find out why!

february quiz questions and answers
How much do you know about February?

Do you know what star sign you are if you’re born in February? What about the birthstone for February? If you know these, then it’s time to test all your other February trivia! And if not, you can brush up on the top fun facts about February here!

From which country often celebrates New Year in February to which famous human rights activist was assassinated, take our quiz about February and see how you do!

Also, don’t forget to play our Valentine’s quiz and our March quiz and see how you get on with those!

what is february known for
It’s time to put your February knowledge to the test

February Quiz Questions

Valentine's Day is celebrated on which date in February

What star sign are you if you were born in early February?

What is the flower for the month of February?

What is the traditional birthstone for February?

February gets its name from the word 'februa', which comes from which language?

On 16th February, 1659, what was used for the first time in Britain as Mr Nicholas Vanacker settles a debt?

Which popular tradition is celebrated in the United States and Canada on February 2?

In the poem called 'The Months' by Sara Coleridge, if 'hot july brings cooling shower' what does February bring?

In leap years, February starts on the same day of the week as which other month?

How often does February have 28 days?

Which awards show normally occurs at the end of February?

What country’s New Year celebration often lands in February?

The February Revolution was the first of two revolutions which took place in Russia in which year?

Which human rights leader was assassinated on February 21, 1965?

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quiz about february
Did you know the birthstone of February is the amethyst

So, how did you get on in our quiz? Hopefully this will give you a good overview of what February is known for. It really is a fascinating month!

Challenge your friends and family by sharing these February questions and see if they can beat your February trivia skills!

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