Ultimate Fun Pub Quiz Questions

A traditional pub quiz is great fun for trivia buffs and first-timers alike. Test your general knowledge with our fun pub quiz questions!

fun pub quiz questions
Ready for a round of fun pub quiz questions?

We hope you’ve got the drinks in and the snacks close by, because we’ve lined up some seriously fun pub quiz questions for you and your mates to take a pop at!

Like all the best pub quizzes, we’ve included a few tricky questions to really test your general knowledge skills. Do you know how best to determine a tree’s age, or which animal boasts the fastest running speed?

funny pub quiz questions
There are some funny pub quiz questions coming up

If nature’s not your bag, then we’ve plenty more on offer. How well do you know your ancient philosophy, and can you recall which fictional world Casterly Rock resides in? If you’re an avid reader of horoscopes, you may find one particular puzzler that’s right up your street too!  

fun pub quiz questions and answers
Pour yourself a drink and grab a snack and play these pub quiz questions and answers!

We’ve written the best random pub trivia questions we could find to really get your brains going. Whether you’re a die-hard quizzer or total newbie, give it your best and see how you do!  

fun pub quiz questions
These fun pub quiz questions cover lots of general knowledge topics

So it’s time to pour yourself a glass of wine or a refreshing pint of beer and keep your crisps handy – we’re bringing the spirit of the traditional pub quiz to you!

Oh and if you’re looking for more to play at home, don’t miss all of our general knowledge quizzes.

random pub quiz questions and answers
It’s time to take on the challenge! Best of luck with these 15 pub quiz questions and answers!

Fun Pub Quiz Questions

Which of the following is the easiest method of determining the age of a tree?

The Sun is primarily comprised of which of the following elements?

Which of the following animals is capable of running at the fastest recorded speed?

What is the maximum number of points a player can score in a single round of darts?

The phrase, ”I think, therefore I am,” was coined by which philosopher?

In the series, “Game of Thrones,” Casterly Rock is the ancestral home of which family?

Which of the following company has a video game console that is home to the Halo series?

Which of the following is the first book of the Bible's Old Testament?

According to astrology, which star sign is the first sign of the Zodiac?

Richard III, former King of England, famously died at which battle?

Which of the following rivers is the longest to flow directly into the sea in France?

Brazil is the biggest producer of which of the following commodities?

Who succeeded George H.W. Bush as President of the United States in 1993?

Which of the following girl's names proved most popular in 2021?

Which of the following animals holds the distinction of being the largest known land mammal in the world?


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We hope you’ve had fun with our random pub trivia questions. The big question – did you outscore your pals?

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