Ultimate Halloween Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

From its iconic mask to its acclaimed cast, Halloween is a genre classic. Are you a big enough horror buff to try our Halloween movie trivia?

Halloween movie quiz questions and answers
These Halloween movie trivia questions and answers will test your knowledge of the cult classic

Nobody could have predicted the influence that the movie Halloween would have on the horror genre. Despite being developed on a shoestring budget and shot inside a month, it became a cult classic. Are you a big enough fan of the franchise to tackle our Halloween movie trivia?

quiz about the Halloween movie
How well do you know the Halloween movies?

We’ll be taking a look at all of the Halloween movies to date, so don’t worry if you missed the original, although it’s certainly worth your time! From key cast members to the murky history of Michael Myers, there’s questions here to catch out even the biggest fans!

Do you know how much the original made at the box office, and who directed the movie that spawned one of horror’s greats? Can you picture Michael’s sinister mask, and do you know what the movie was originally called during its development?

Halloween movie quiz
This Halloween movie quiz has 15 challenging questions

We’ll be covering all of the above and more. We’ll even touch on the curious connection between Halloween and Star Trek! If you think you’ve got a good enough handle on horror to master our Halloween movie quiz questions, read on!

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quiz about the Halloween movie
Are you ready for our quiz about the Halloween movie? Let’s go!

Halloween Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

How much did 1978's original 'Halloween' make at the box office?

How many Halloween movies have there been to date?

Who was responsible for directing the original 1978 classic?

Donald Pleasance is famous for playing which role in the Halloween movies?

'Halloween' is largely set in which US state?

By what title was 'Halloween' first known by during it's development?

What kind of mask is Michael Myers famous for wearing?

Which of the following connects the Star Trek and Halloween franchises?

Michael Myers is the antagonist of all of the Halloween movies except for one - which of the following is the exception?

Who arranged for Michael's escape in Halloween (2018)?

What is Michael Myers' middle name?

What time signature is the iconic Halloween theme written in?

In how many movies does Jamie Lee Curtis star as Laurie Strode?

What simple image dominates the original movie's opening credits?

Which of the following songs features in the original film?


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How’d you find these Halloween trivia questions? We hope you learned an interesting fact or two, whether you aced the quiz or could do with a rewatch!

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