Ultimate Halloween Quiz Questions and Answers

From supernatural fun facts to movie trivia, these Halloween quiz questions will challenge your knowledge of all things creepy!

halloween quiz questions
These Halloween quiz questions will test your knowledge of October 31st

Looking for a fun activity to try around Halloween? This quiz is ideal!

Are you an expert Jack O’Lantern carver? Do you know the traditional way to celebrate Halloween? Can you name the monsters from your favourite ghost stories?

If you are a big fan of Halloween and are looking to challenge your knowledge of this ghoulish holiday, then these Halloween trivia questions are for you!

halloween quiz questions
How will you fare with these Halloween quiz questions?

Our Halloween quiz questions will truly put you to the test. While you might know your Halloween candies, can you name the country that first started the trick or treating tradition?

Do you know a werewolf from a zombie? Do you have what it takes? Will you brave it and make it to the end of the quiz or will you give into your fear and give up halfway!

This tricky quiz will test your knowledge on the traditional customs associated with Halloween, the origins of the holiday, how it is celebrated across the world, facts about the supernatural and of course some essential trivia on Halloween movies.

halloween quiz questions
If you do well, you should definitely reward yourself with some Halloween treats

Our Halloween trivia questions will test you on both well known facts and some more obscure general knowledge about the 31st October.

There are 15 Halloween quiz questions and answers below with each question having a choice of 4 answers. Be careful though, only one of these answers is correct!

Also, if you love Halloween as much as we do, then check out these spooky facts about Halloween that will give you a chill!

halloween quiz questions
Whether you celebrate Day of the Dead or Halloween, there are questions for you in this quiz

Halloween Quiz Questions

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October, but what is celebrated on the day after?

What are traditionally driven away by the celebration of Halloween?

Which fruit is traditionally carved to create a Jack O’Lantern?

Coco is a film about the holiday the Day of the Dead which is traditionally celebrated in which country?

Trick-or-treating is an ancient custom that began in the 16th century in which country?

Which US city holds a Halloween parade attended by more than 50,000 participants every year?

The blockbuster movie ‘Halloween’ was released in which year?

Which supernatural creature transforms at the sight of the full moon?

What was the original name for Halloween?

What is the most popular Halloween candy in the US?

Candy corn is extremely popular on Halloween, so popular in fact that how much is produced every year?

Which popular Halloween movie stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as the main characters?

The city of Canton in Ohio is home to what scary landmark?

No Halloween party would be complete without some traditional apple bobbing, but from which civilisation did this custom originate?

Dressing up as a vampire is a popular choice of Halloween costume.Which of the following would it be inappropriate to include?

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halloween quiz questions halloween quiz questions
Do you get spooked or enjoy the scary occasion?

Did our questions about Halloween give you the frights or did you conquer those evil spirits? If you enjoyed this quiz, then make sure to share it with your friends and family and see who can get the highest score!

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