Ultimate Halloween Trivia For Kids

From witches and werewolves to the season’s spookiest superstitions, are you brave enough to take on our Halloween trivia for kids?

halloween trivia for kids

Whether you’re fearless in the face of frights or absolutely hate horror, Halloween is great fun for all the family.

If you’re eager to get out on the hunt for free sweets, then we’ve got the perfect Halloween trivia for kids to whet their appetites on!

We’ll be touching on all sorts over the course of the quiz, so expect questions on the history behind the holiday, traditional sweets, and the many myths and legends on the supernatural.

Do you know which fruit we carve faces into over the holidays and what we call it when we’re finished? You will do by the end of this quiz!

kids halloween quiz questions
We bet you love Halloween, don’t you!?

How well-versed are you on your witches, werewolves, and ghouls? Could you tell us which household item witches can fly on, or what causes a werewolf to change its form? Do you know which animal is often used as a symbol of Halloween?

If you’re hungry to see how you handle our kids Halloween quiz, read on and give it your best shot! Whether you come out with a perfect score or not, you’ll learn plenty of spooky facts to frighten your friends with!

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kids halloween trivia questions
Right, it’s time to see how you do!

Halloween Trivia for Kids

What date do we celebrate Halloween on?

Which century was Halloween first observed in?

Which fruit is traditionally carved to celebrate Halloween?

According to superstition, when do werewolves transform into their wolf forms?

Which of the following were early traditions observed on Hallow's Eve?

What name is given to the carved fruit made and left on doorsteps at Halloween?

The day after Halloween is known by which of the following names?

Which of the following animals is frequently used as a symbol of Halloween?

By what name is the large metal pot used by witches to brew potions better known?

Which country celebrates Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, instead of Halloween?

Which two colours are most often associated with Halloween?

Which household items are supposedly used by witches to fly?

What words should be spoken by children knocking on doors on Halloween night?

Which Halloween treat consists of a fruit covered in a sticky glaze?

A group of witches is better known by what name?


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halloween questions for kids
Was it a trick or a treat?

What did you make of our kids Halloween quiz – trick or treat? No matter how well you scored, we hope we’ve got you in the right mood for the season of scares!

If you had fun pitting your wits against today’s quiz, we’ve plenty more for you to sharpen your mind on. Have a poke around the website and see what calls to you – you’re sure to find more you’ll love!

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