Ultimate Inventors Quiz Questions and Answers

From miraculous new medicines to the birth of aviation, do you know enough about the minds driving modernity to tackle our inventors quiz questions?

inventors quiz questinos and answers

Though it’s easy to forget, so much of the technology we take for granted is the product of a lone inventor’s genius. Are you well-versed enough on the men and women behind some of our most important technologies to take on today’s inventors quiz?

We’ll be looking at inventors from all fields, so expect questions on physics, computing, telecoms, and even toymaking. If you don’t know who gave the world it’s first lightbulb, or who made flight a reality, you will by the time we’re through!

Do you know what inventions the likes of Alexander Graham Bell and Eli Whitney made their stamp on the world with? Can you recall learning who turned modern medicine on its head by discovering penicillin?

inventors trivia questions
How much do you know about inventions and discoveries?

Do you know whose minds were behind the law of gravitation and the theory of relativity? How about the name of the man who gave us the World Wide Web, or the father of video games himself?

Whether you’re feeling confident or not, we’re certain you’ll come away from our innovative inventions quiz questions with some new pub quiz trivia in your back pocket. So, without further ado, read on and see how you fare!

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inventors test
Even Homer was a dab inventor himself!

Inventors Quiz Questions

Who invented the phonograph?

Who is most widely credited with the invention of the World Wide Web?

Name the Italian physicist and mathematician who invented the barometer.

Which inventor came up with the bright idea for the lightbulb?

What became Eli Whitney's claim to fame when he invented it in 1793?

Who among the following is known as the father of video games?

Which of Alexander Graham Bell's inventions forever changed the way we communicate?

Who was responsible for the creation and flight of the world's first airplane in 1903?

What invention is French physician René Laënnec famous for?

Cat's eyes were invented in 1933, but where would you usually find them?

Which everyday item do we have Alexandre-Ferdinand Godefroy to thank for?

Who first documented the law of gravitation?

Modern medicine was revolutionized by the introduction of penicillin, but who discovered it?

The Theory of Relativity was the brainchild of which scientist?

Which famous toy did Ruth Handler introduce the world to in 1959?


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inventions and discoveries quiz
Did you know Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor?

Did any of our innovative innovations and discoveries quiz questions catch you by surprise? We certainly learned a few things about the great minds behind the technology we take for granted!

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