Ultimate Maths Quiz Questions and Answers

Looking for a real brainteaser? These maths quiz questions will leave you scratching your head!

maths quiz questions and answers
These maths quiz questions and answers will challenge the biggest brainiacs

Are you top of your grade when it comes to calculus? A whizz with prime numbers? Can you recite Pythagoras’ theorem whilst solving differential equations?

If so, then these awesome maths quiz questions will be right up your street! For students, experts and amateurs alike, we’ve put together a list of brainteasers that will have you scratching your head and wishing you’d paid more attention in that high school math class.

math quiz questions
Are you a whizz with numbers? You should ace this math quiz

If your maths skills are a little rusty, then don’t despair! We’ve also thrown in a few wildcard maths general knowledge questions to keep everyone on their toes.

You don’t need to be Einstein to succeed in our math quiz, but you will need some mad trivia skills and a little imagination! Now’s your chance to show off your skills and test your knowledge of all things numerical with our awesome math questions.

math quiz questions and answers
From numbers to shapes, these maths quiz questions are going to challenge you

These fun trivia tests are ideal if you’re looking for practice pub quiz questions, or if you simply want to challenge your friends and family.

From ancient Greek philosophers and Roman numerals to tricky geometry and mind-bending puzzles, these online math questions are the perfect way to while away an hour or two.

Have you got what it takes to ace our maths general knowledge questions? It’s time to find out!

math quiz questions and answers
Best of luck with these math quiz questions and answers

Math Quiz Questions

What is a prime number?

Which number is written MCMLXXVIII in Roman numerals?

How many sides does a dodecahedron have?

Which one of these philosophers isn’t a famous Greek mathematician?

What is an irrational number?

Complete this sequence of numbers: 1, 3, 7, 15…

The product is the result of...

Which ancient scientist famously discovered the principle of buoyancy whilst lazing in his bath? Clue: he is said to have exclaimed ‘Eureka!’ when he figured it out.

In a right-angled triangle, what is the name given to the longest side?

There are 43 quintillion possible combinations for the start of a Rubiks cube. However, any of these should be solvable within how many moves?

Only one of these regular polygons doesn’t tesselate. Find the intruder!

According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, what is the answer to the “Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything “?

What is a 1 followed by a hundred zeros called?

What is the name of the first maths book ever written? Clue: it was written by Euclid and is about 2300 years old.

What does the prefix ‘giga’ represent?

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We hope our brainteasers kept you busy and didn’t give you too much of a mathematics headache!

If you enjoyed these mind-bending maths quiz questions, pass our quiz on to your friends and family – it will sort out the brainiacs from the class clowns!

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