Ultimate Panda Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you love Pandas? Then take this ultimate Panda quiz to truly test your knowledge on our adorable black and white friends!

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Giant pandas are some of the rarest mammals in the world today. Widely recognized for their cuddly features, cute roly-polies and black and white color, it’s genuinely impossible to find someone who doesn’t love these beautiful creatures.

Mainly found in thick bamboo forests in the mountains of central China, not many of us can say we’ve seen a panda in the wild. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be fans from a distance!

The question is, how much do you know about pandas? We’re about to find out in our ultimate panda quiz questions and answers below!

panda quiz questions
Come on, how cute are pandas?

Did you know that for many years the actual taxonomic classification of these loveable animals was heavily debated? Pandas share similar characteristics with both bears and raccoons. To find out the answer, you’ll have to complete our quiz.

Do you really know your panda trivia though? Could you say what a panda year is equivalent to a human year? How many fingers they have? Do you know how much a panda can poop each day?

Test your panda knowledge with our ultimate panda trivia below – this is the true test of any panda lover.

panda trivia questions
It’s time to put your panda knowledge to the test

Panda Quiz Questions

What makes up the majority of what a panda eats?

Which family do pandas belong to?

What is a group of pandas known as?

What color is a baby panda?

How many fingers does a panda have?

Out of the following, who owns the most pandas?

When did a panda first travel to the US?

On average, how long does a panda live in the wild, on average?

Which US President was given two pandas as a gift by China?

What is the only other kind of bear that has a longer tail than a panda?

On all fours from paw to shoulder, how tall is an average panda?

Why are pandas black and white?

How often does a panda usually poop each day?

One year as a panda is equivalent to how many human years?

Do pandas hibernate?


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panda trivia questions and answers
Feeling as lazy as a panda after that quiz or up for another one?

We hope you enjoyed playing our ultimate panda quiz! This has really put us in the mood to spend 5 hours watching cute panda videos on YouTube.

Challenge your friends and family by sharing these panda questions and see if they can beat your panda trivia skills!

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