20 BEST Silly Quiz Questions and Answers

From strange laws to misleading names, these silly quiz questions will challenge you at the same time as making you laugh!

silly quiz questions

Are you a fan of random fun facts? Do you enjoy funny trivia questions? Do you have a broad general knowledge of all things interesting? If so, then these silly quiz questions are perfect for you!

Our silly trivia questions are both hilarious and challenging. While you might know what a group of wolves is called, do you know some of the more obscure terms for groups of animals?

Do you know your claustrophobia from your Coprastastaphobia? Are you a whizz with film trivia and pop culture? These questions will truly test your general knowledge!

silly pub quiz questions
These silly quiz questions will have you giggling as you play

Looking for the most hilarious quiz questions and answers?

You’ll be quizzed about everything from science and nature to sports. There are a few where you might have to read the question carefully to deduce the answer… all is not what it seems!

We have questions on Harry Potter, New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach, and what is a Bombay Duck. Also, question 19 might just be our favorite – we hope you enjoy that one!

There are 20 funny multiple choice questions below, and each question there is a choice of 4 answers. There is only one correct answer, so make sure you take your time and pick carefully!

Also, if you enjoy this quiz, then make sure you take our funny sports quiz afterwards – it’s packed full of random sports trivia!

silly trivia questions
Right, it’s quiz time – good luck everyone!

Silly Quiz Questions

What is a Bombay Duck?

In New Zealand what is it illegal to fly in a hot air balloon with?

If you dug a hole through the center of the Earth from Wellington, New Zealand, in which European country would you emerge?

What is the term for a group of owls?

The average person in the US opens what 13 times per day?

What is the length of New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach?

What are you afraid of if you are Syngenesophobic?

In the Harry Potter book and film series, Professor Dumbledore’s name comes from the Old English word for what creature?

Which month of the year has the longest daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest daylight hours in the Southern Hemisphere?

The world’s first game of ice hockey was played with a puck made from which material?

What is the term for a group of turkeys?

Roughly what percentage of people in the world can wiggle their ears?

Laughing Jackass is another name for which bird?

If someone is described as a Kiwi, where are they from?

What was the first animal sent into Space?

If you have all your wisdom teeth removed, how many teeth are there in the human body?

If Sandra’s mother has 4 kids: Tom, James, Carolina, what is the name of the fourth kid?

What is the most common color of toilet paper in France?

If you breed a zebra and a donkey, what animal do you get?

In Texas in the United States, it's illegal to put what on your neighbor’s cow?

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And we’re finished! We really hope you enjoyed the question about the zebra and donkey – that one was fun to write.

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