Ultimate St Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Think you know everything about St Paddy’s Day? Then see how many shamrocks you can get in the ultimate St Patrick’s Day trivia questions and answers.

st patrick's day trivia

Is there a more loved national holiday around the world than St Patrick’s Day?

It’s a public holiday in the tiny country of Montserrat in the Caribbean; Boston, Chicago and New York have massive parades; and every single pub in Ireland is packed with people having a good time.

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th March every year, and it honors Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

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Ready to put your Saint Patrick’s Day trivia to the test?

The question is, how well do you know your facts from fiction? Think you’ll score 5 shamrocks in our quiz?

Then it’s time to grab a Guinness and test yourself with our St Patrick’s Day trivia questions and answers.

Also, you can use this quiz on St Paddy’s day and test your whole family. Put their St Patrick’s Day knowledge to the test and see if they can beat your score.

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Right, let’s see how you get on. Good luck everyone!

St Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions

What nationality was St. Patrick?

What is the national flower/emblem of Ireland?

Add description here!

What century was Saint Patrick born in?

Which city has the biggest St Patrick’s Day parade?

Legend says that each leaf of the shamrock represents faith, hope, love and what?

How many people of Irish heritage live in the USA?

What is Saint Patrick famed for ridding Ireland of?

How many pints of Guinness are sold around the world on St Paddy’s Day?

Which of these colors was originally associated with St. Patrick's Day?

When did Chicago first start dying their river green for St Paddy’s Day?

What mythological being is a part of St. Patrick’s Day lore and Irish culture?

What do you traditionally eat on Saint Paddy’s Day?

The first St Patrick’s Day parade was held where around the world?

What is a fond name given to Ireland?

To celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in Ireland, Dublin hosts a huge festival that lasts how many days?

Where was the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland held in 1903?

Even though it’s a big drinking day now, St. Patty’s Day used to be a dry holiday up until what decade?

What iconic structure turns green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in England?

The flag of Ireland is white, green and what colour?

In the United States, it is traditional to plant what seeds on St. Patrick's Day?

In which year did St Patrick's Day officially become a public holiday in Ireland?

According to myth, when is the best time to sneak up on a leprechaun?

What are the chances of finding a 4-leaf clover?

In which city is Guinness brewed?

So, how did you get on? Did you enjoy our fun facts about St Patrick’s Day? Did any of the answers surprise you?

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