Ultimate Technology Quiz Questions and Answers

From operating systems and software to coding, these technology quiz questions will test how much you really know!

technology quiz questons
These technology quiz questions will test how much you know about computers

Do you think you know computers? Are you a tech egg-head? Do you have a score to settle with a friend who sees himself as a bigger tech guru than you? Then we have the quiz for you!

technology trivia questions
Have you always been a fan of all things tech?

These technology trivia questions will test your knowledge on computers new and old, programming languages, web browsers and search engines. If you have ever thought you would enjoy a pub quiz focused on topics such as software and information technology, you’re going to love playing this technology quiz!

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technology quiz questions
From coding to operating systems, these technology quiz questions cover a bit of everything

These technology trivia questions will test your knowledge of everything related to computers and the internet, pushing you to summon every megabyte of trivia from your CPU. Do you know the name of the first-ever web browser?

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There are a few tricky rounds coming up, so if you get more than 12 correct, we reckon you can proudly call yourself a computer tech trivia master. These 15 technology quiz questions are multiple choice with only one right answer, so choose carefully!

technology trivia questions
We hope you enjoy these technology trivia questions!

Ultimate Technology Quiz Questions and Answers

What was the fastest growing web browser in 2020?

Which University offered the first-ever academic programme in Computer Science?

How much did Steve Job’s first computer go for at auction?

Which model of computer is the best selling of all time?

What year was the oldest programming language still in use invented?

What was the name of the first operating system?

Where was the world wide web invented?

Which institution is credited with creating the first website?

When did the first virtual event take place?

When was the first email sent?

What was the first item sold on Ebay in 1995?

What search engine did Google beat in 2004 in order to become the most successful search engine?

What was the first mobile phone with internet connectivity?

What is the name of the oldest programming language still in use?

What year did Apple launch the Macintosh 128K?

Did you enjoy playing this quiz? We hope it proved once and for all that you’re a technology quiz master!

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