Ultimate Tree Quiz Questions and Answers

From the nation’s national parks to the tallest trees in the world, do you know enough foliage facts to tackle our tricky tree quiz questions?

tree trivia questions and answers

Nature’s beauty is all around us, but we don’t always get the opportunity to stop and savor it as we might like to.

Though trees may seem mundane, there are thousands of different species across the globe, many of which are astoundingly beautiful and seriously impressive in their own right. Do you have the knowledge it’ll take to tackle our series of tree quiz questions?

Did you know that a single tree exists that’s larger than any animal in the world? Do you know which trees we rely on to produce nuts, and which grow the berries we love snacking on?

If not, you will be the end of this quiz!

tree quiz
It’s time to put your tree knowledge to the test

Do you know how many national parks there are dotted across the United States? You should – they’re all well worth a visit!

Have you ever wondered which tree we rely on to produce chocolate? We hadn’t, but we’ll definitely be rooting for it to keep on thriving!

If you believe you know enough about the natural world to tackle some tree trivia, then we’ve got just the quiz for you! Get your brain in gear and prepare for questions covering some of nature’s record-holders, famous fictional foliage, and the study of trees as a profession!

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tree trivia
Right, let’s learn why trees are so amazing

Tree Quiz Questions

Which of these is the least likely to kill a tree?

Pando is a clonal colony with a single massive root system, but how many acres do its roots span?

What chemical do trees use to turn water and sunlight into energy?

Koala Bears eat the leaves of which tree?

What is the native continent of the Arabica coffee tree (Coffea arabica), which produces 65% of the globe’s coffee?

Which of the following trees does not produce nuts?

How high does the United State’s tallest tree stand?

What is tree grafting?

Chocolate is a product made from the roast beans of which tree?

When is the International Day of Forests celebrated?

What is the name of the tree made famous in the Harry Potter series?

Which of the following is the name for a scientist specializing in the study of trees?

What is a bonsai tree?

Which tree has been nicknamed the ‘tree of the dead?’

How many National Parks are there in the United States?


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biggest trees in the world
Did you know redwoods were the biggest trees in the world?

So, was any of our tree trivia enough to trip you up? Did you come out with a tree-mendous score, or could you do with rooting out your science textbooks before taking another shot?

If you enjoyed the challenge, take a peek at some of our other quizzes or let your friends take them on to see how they compare! 

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