Ultimate Art Trivia Questions and Answers

Showcase your skills and test your knowledge with our challenging art trivia questions – a must for all culture vultures!

art trivia questions and answers
You’ll need to be seriously smart to answer all of these art trivia questions correctly!

Are you passionate about painting? A sucker for sculpture? Up to date on all the latest trends in the art world? If so, it’s time to put your skills and knowledge to the test with our challenging art quiz questions and answers.

We’ve gathered together all the best art pub quiz questions to create the ultimate test for culture fans. From Mannerism to Modernism, we’ve got it covered!

Art quiz questions and answers
Coming up are some challenging art trivia questions

Whether you love your classic paintings and have traveled the world to see the greatest artworks hung in beautiful galleries, or you’re more a fan of street art and modern art, there are questions to suit all tastes.

These art questions and answers are perfect for helping you put together your next virtual pub quiz… but best of all, you can scroll down to play this one live right here, right now!

If you’re not the competitive type, it’s also a fantastic way to test your own knowledge, and even learn a few things along the way. No doubt some of the answers to these art pub quiz questions will surprise and delight you.

The Louvre, Paris
Have you ever visited The Louvre to see the artworks on display? That might help you with these art quiz questions!

Ultimate Art Trivia Questions and Answers

Which artist famously cut off his own ear?

Where can you see the Mona Lisa?

Which artist advocated AIDs awareness with his graffiti-style drawing?

Which brand of soup featured in one of Andy Warhol’s most famous pop art pieces?

Which popular children’s cartoon characters are named after Italian Renaissance artists?

Which artist, often called the ‘mother of American modernists’, is known for her paintings of flowers and New York skyscrapers?

What artistic style is Pablo Picasso known for?

Which American artist, a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, is best known for his ‘drip’ technique?

Which icon of the Surrealist movement painted The Persistence of Memory, known for its depiction of melting clocks?

Who painted the Water Lilies, a series of 250 paintings made over a period of 30 years?

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art trivia questions and answers
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So how did you get on with these fun art pub quiz questions? Are you feeling chuffed with your performance or do you need to ‘brush’ up on your knowledge a little more?

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