Ultimate French Numbers Quiz Questions and Answers

Whether you’re fabulously fluent or hopeful high school taught you enough, test your mastery of MFL math with our French numbers quiz!

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From awe-inspiring architecture to the country’s reputation for romance, France has long been a popular tourist hotspot. Do you remember enough from your time at school to tackle today’s French numbers quiz?

Whether you’re French-born, fluent in foreign languages or looking to learn more about linguistics, we’ve got you covered. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a calculator at hand, either – expect simple sums in a foreign tongue to test your mastery of math!

Are you confident that you could count to ten in French? Do you know the numbers for 100 and 1000, or what you’d get when multiplying dix by sept?

france numbers trivia questions
We’re going back to school in this numbers quiz!

Looking for the best quiz about French numbers?

Can you name the number that comes after cinquante-cinq, or what trente sept translates to in English? Do you know which French number you’d use to describe how many days there are in a week?

Expect all of the above and plenty more from today’s French numbers trivia questions and answers! If you think you’re up to the challenge, read on and give us your best shot – we’ll be rooting for you!

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It’s time to put your French numbers trivia to the test!

French Numbers Quiz

What is the French word for the number 'one'?

'Trente Sept' is French for ______.

Which of the following is the French word for 'thirteen'?

What total do you get by adding 'trois', 'sept', 'onze' and 'dix'?

Which of the following is the French word for 100?

What do you get when subtracting 'onze' from 'vingt'?

What is the French word for 88?

What are you left with, in French, when dividing 50 by 2?

What is the French word for 1000?

What do you get when multiplying 'dix' by 'sept'?

What is the French word for the number of days in a standard year?

What do you get when adding mille, cent and onze?

Which of the following is the French word for the number of days in a week?

Which French number follows 'cinquante-cinq'?

What is the French word for 999?


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Did you score quinze or zéro?

We hope you enjoyed our little numbers quiz, no matter your final tally. Whether you scored a perfect quinze/quinze or learned a thing or two along the way, it’s all good prep for your next trip to Paris!

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