20 BEST Arsenal Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you consider yourself an Arsenal expert? Test your knowledge of one of England’s premier football clubs with these Arsenal quiz questions!

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Now we don’t want to give too much away in the introduction to these Arsenal quiz questions because we really want to test how much you know about London’s Premier League mainstay.

They’re one of the top teams in the city. In fact, Arsenal has only been relegated from the top tier of English football once… but do you know when that was?

arsenal quiz questions
If you’re a Gooner, you’ll ace these Arsenal quiz questions

You’ll have to figure it out if you want to get a perfect score on this Arsenal trivia!

Looking for the best Arsenal trivia?

From the home field stadium that was opened in 2006, and the record holder for Arsenal appearances, to the name of Arsenal’s mascot, if you’ve followed the team over the years you should do well!

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Do you know all of these Arsenal players?

But how about some of the more obscure Arsenal trivia that might leave a casual fan stumped? 

For example, what was Arsenal called when the club was first formed? And what famous book by Nick Hornby chronicled his relationship with the team? 

ultimate arsenal quiz
This is the ultimate Arsenal quiz

Over the years Arsenal has been kitted up by Umbro, Nike, Puma, and Adidias. But do you know their current kit provider? And what are Arsenal’s home and away colors?

From the occasional fan to the hardcore gooner, how loyal are you to Arsenal? This quiz will reveal whether you’re a true super supporter or simply a pretender.

arsenal football quiz
It’s time to kick off our Arsenal football quiz!

Arsenal Quiz Questions

What year was Arsenal founded?

What nickname is Arsenal known for?

Since its completion in 2006, what is the home stadium of Arsenal?

In what part of London is Arsenal located?

When was the last time Arsenal was relegated from the top league in English football?

From 2002-2004 Arsenal was unbeaten in 49 games which lead to the team being dubbed what?

What is the Arsenal team motto?

What are Arsenal's current home colors?

What sportswear company is the current kit manufacturer for Arsenal?

What is the Arsenal team anthem?

What team is Arsenal biggest rival with matches known as the North London Derby?

What is the name of Arsenal's mascot?

In January 1927, Arsenal's match against Sheffield United was the first match to what?

What book by Nick Hornby is about the author growing up as an Arsenal fan?

In 2022, what streaming service premiered the documentary series "All or Nothing: Arsenal"?

What Arsenal player holds the record for most appearances?

How many FA Cups has Arsenal won?

The majority owner of Arsenal is Kroenke Sports, a company from what country?

Who is the longest serving manager of Arsenal?

What was Arsenal first called at its founding?

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How did you find this quiz about Arsenal?

Were today’s Arsenal quiz questions a breeze, or did you struggle with the trickier questions? We hope you learnt a fun fact or two along the way, no matter your final score!

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