15 BEST Women’s World Cup Quiz Questions and Answers

From the cup’s best goals to the first hat-trick in final history, find out if you’re the top scorer in our Women’s World Cup quiz!

womens soccer quiz

Recent years have seen the biggest tournament in women’s soccer emerge from relative obscurity to find global recognition. It’s about time too. We’re so proud of our female sports stars.

Our Women’s World Cup quiz should prove a challenge for long-time fans and newbies alike. But, how well do you know the beautiful game?

We’ll be covering tricky trivia dating all the way back to the tournament’s beginnings, but we won’t be stopping there! Expect questions on the cup’s many host countries, those who’ve taken home the most wins and some of the craziest records set along the way!

womens world cup quiz
This Women’s World Cup quiz covers the history of the tournament

Looking for the best quiz about the Women’s World Cup?

Do you know when the cup was first founded, or who played host to the very first tournament? Can you recall who stormed to victory in 2019, or which country has taken home the most trophies overall?

Are you familiar with which lady currently holds the record for most tournament goals scored? Do you know whose 2015 hat-trick was the first ever put away in the cup finals since it was founded?

questions about womens world cup
There are some challenging questions about the Women’s World Cup coming up

We’ll be covering all of the above and more with today’s Women’s World Cup trivia, so expect a few curveballs! If you’re match fit and ready to go, read on – we’ll be cheering you on from the stalls!

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quiz about womens football
Ready to play our fun quiz about women’s football?

Women’s World Cup Quiz Questions

Which of the following teams holds the record for most victories at the Women's World Cup?

The 2015 Women's World Cup took place across six different cities in which host country?

The Women's World Cup was founded in which year?

Which country had the honour of hosting the first tournament?

Which of these first saw use when Canada hosted the cup in 2015?

Which year's cup remains the only one to date in which every final tournament team had previously played in a World Cup final tournament?

France surprised us with a chicken mascot when they hosted the 2019 Women's World Cup. What was her name?

Who scored the first hat-trick in Women's World Cup final history in 2015?

Which of these countries is not expected to play in the 2023 Women's World Cup?

Which of the following ladies set a record in 2015 for being the oldest women to play in a World Cup?

Who holds the record for highest scorer at the Women’s World Cup with 17 goals?

How many times have the USA won the cup to date?

Who won the 2015 tournament's Golden Boot, having scored six goals over the course of the cup?

Which of the following teams has participated in two Women's World Cups, despite never having had a team qualify for the men's tournament?

England lost in the semi-finals of 2015's tournament after an own goal in the closing minutes. Which team were they facing?


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womens soccer quiz
Did you find these women’s soccer quiz questions difficult?

How’d you fare with our Women’s football trivia questions? Did you come away with a score worthy of the Golden Boot, or did you accidentally put away a few own goals?

If you enjoyed today’s quiz and want to test your sporting chops against another, take a look at our other sports quizzes! We’re keen to see how many high scores you can wrack up!

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