15 BEST NFL Trivia Questions and Answers

From rules and regulations to the teams that stormed to Super Bowl glory, we’re challenging football fans to tackle our NFL trivia questions!

nfl quiz questions and answers

No sport commands the American fanbase that football does today. It’s the ultimate American sport, isn’t it?

If you’ve got a love for the game and a head full of facts to boot, then let’s see how you do with today’s NFL trivia questions!

While there are dozens of leagues across the country, the NFL boasts the most talented players in the game today. We’ll be covering everything from rules and record setters, to the teams that’ve claimed Super Bowl stardom. Do you have what it takes to blitz the quiz?

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How much do you really know about the NFL?

Looking for the best NFL questions?

How well do you know the basics of America’s favorite sport? How many points does a touchdown score? Which yard line do teams kick-off from, and how many officials are on-pitch to keep players in check?

Do you know which city has hosted the most Super Bowls, or which team have racked up the most victories? Can you name the first player to win season MVP by unanimous vote, or the player with the record for most career touchdowns?

We’ve put together a real mix of NFL quiz questions today so fans of all levels can have some fun. Read on and show us what you’ve got – we’ll be keeping an eye out for the GOAT of NFL trivia!

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Who’s ready to score a touchdown?

NFL Trivia Questions

How many teams currently play in the NFL?

How many points is a touchdown worth?

Which team holds the record for most Super Bowl wins?

In 2019, Lamar Jackson became the second player in history to be unanimously voted the season's MVP. Who was the first?

Who were the first team to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium?

How long is a regulation NFL field?

In what year did the Houston Texans make their NFL debut?

Which legendary player's imposing size earned him the nickname 'The Refrigerator'?

Who holds the record for most career touchdowns?

How many on-field officials officiate an NFL game?

Which quarterback set a new record in 2013 by throwing a pick-six in four straight games?

The first Super Bowl was held in 1967 - which team emerged victorious?

From which yard line do NFL teams kick off?

Which city holds the record for hosting the most Super Bowls to date?

NFL legend Jim Brown famously wore which number while playing for the Cleveland Browns?


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Yay! You made it to the endzone!

Were today’s NFL quiz questions a breeze, or did you have to throw a hail Mary on the trickier questions? We hope you learnt a fun fact or two along the way, no matter your final score!

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