Ultimate Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

From world records to the World Series, America’s national sport is truly special. Can you hit a home run on our baseball trivia questions?   

baseball trivia questions and answers

Baseball is one of our country’s most beloved sports. Do you know enough about its illustrious history to go all the way with our baseball trivia questions, or will it be three strikes and out?

A perfect score is going to be tough innings, make no mistake. We’ve put together a diverse mix of questions for new and old fans alike, but only the biggest baseball buffs should expect to knock it out of the park!

baseball quiz questions
How much do you know about baseball?

How well do you know your Yankees from your Red Sox? Can you recall which player famously holds the longest streak of games without a strike out? How about the player with the fastest pitch on record?

If you know your MLB from your NLB and have all your technical terms memorized then we like your chances at beating our baseball quiz! With that in mind, pop your almanac back on the shelf and give it your best shot!

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baseball questions
It’s time to put your baseball trivia to the test!

Baseball Trivia Questions

Which MLB player currently holds the record for striking out in the most consecutive games?

Which San Francisco Giants player famously hit a home run without scoring a run?

How many umpires are typically required to officiate a game?

Which of the following is NOT an active professional baseball team?

Which infamous criminal played professional baseball earlier in life?

Who won the first ever National League Championship Series (NLCS) in 1969?

Which retired basketball player tried out for the Chicago White Sox in 1994?

Who is recognized as the fastest pitcher of all time, pitching at a staggering 105.1mph?

'Hot corner' is baseball terminology for which of the following locations?

Which baseball player earned a Hall of Fame induction for inventing the curve ball?

Which baseball team debuted a rainbow-colored uniform in 1975?

Which year was the first official game of baseball recorded as having taken place in the USA?

Who was the first woman inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame?

Which team won 2021's World Series?

The youngest MLB player in history debuted at what age?


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mlb trivia questions
Did you score a home run or hit out?

So, how’d our baseball quiz treat you – did you hit a home run? Don’t worry too much if you stalled on first base – there were a few tricky ones in there!

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