Ultimate Liverpool FC Quiz Questions and Answers

With a rich history, countless cup glories, and a host of remarkable records, our Liverpool FC quiz questions is the perfect test of any fan’s love for their team!  

liverpool football questions
How much do you know about Liverpool FC?

Love them or hate them, Liverpool FC are undeniable. As the most accomplished club in the UK, we’ve put together a little something for the diehard fans. Do you think you have what it takes to tackle our Liverpool FC quiz?  

We’ve included a good few questions any football fan can crack, so don’t worry if Liverpool aren’t your team of choice. Do you know how many league titles they’ve taken home, for instance? Can you name the anthem they adopted in the 60s?

liverpool fc quiz questions and answers
It’s time to test your Liverpool FC trivia!

There’s plenty here to test the club’s most ardent fans, too. Did you know that The Reds originally played in different colors, and can you remember what they are? Could you name the player who holds the club record for most Premier League games played, or the player with 417 consecutive games under his belt?

While fans who know their Liverpool FC trivia have the advantage here, we’ve thrown some brainteasers in for good measure! If you relish a challenge and fancy your chances at high score glory, show us what you’ve got!

If our Liverpool FC quiz put you in the mood to flex your sporting smarts, see how your fare against our Ultimate Tennis Quiz Questions!  

liverpool fc trivia questions
How many legends of the club do you remember?

Liverpool FC Quiz Questions

When was Liverpool Football club initially founded?

Anfield is the 7th largest football stadium in England. How many supporters can it seat at full capacity?

What are the Anfield's terraces often referred to as by fans?

Who played a record 417 consecutive games for Liverpool?

How many league titles have Liverpool won in total?

What team were Liverpool facing when the tragic Hillsborough disaster took place?

Who was Jurgen Klopp's first signing as Liverpool manager in January, 2016?

Which of the following is Liverpool FC's famous club anthem?

What were the original colors of Liverpool FC's kit?

Who among the following currently owns Liverpool FC?

How did former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard celebrate goals against Manchester United in both 2009 and 2014?

Which of the following players has played the most Premier League games for the club at a total of 508?

Who inherited Liverpool's number 8 shirt from Steven Gerrard?

Which former player briefly managed the club in 2011?

Who became the first Japanese football player to join Liverpool FC in 2019?


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liverpool football trivia
Did you score the winning goal or hit a 0-0?

Was our Liverpool FC trivia no match for your love of the Reds? If you scored a few unfortunate own goals, don’t worry – you’ll know for next time!

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