Ultimate Australian Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

Think you know Aussie Rules, rugby league, cricket and other games? Then challenge yourself with our ultimate Australian sports trivia questions!

australian sports trivia

Australia is such a wonderful country for so many reasons. Beautiful landscapes, Aboriginal history dating back thousands of years, incredible food (let’s not forget they basically reinvented brunch). However, despite being in the middle of nowhere, Aussies are one of the most competitive nations in the world.

Australians are sports mad, and among the most popular sports in the country are Australian rules, rugby league, rugby union, cricket, swimming, soccer, tennis and athletics. 

How much do you know about some of the Aussie greats? Well, we’re about to test your knowledge in our Australian sports trivia questions.

australian sports quiz
How much do you know about Australian sports?

Think you know your Sally Pearson from your Sam Stosur? Reckon you can recall how many Test runs Ricky Ponting scored? Fancy yourself able to name which Australian has the all-time record number of rugby union appearances?

If you feel like you could answer any of these questions, you would probably be well suited to having a crack at our sports trivia questions about Australia.

sport australia
Let’s put your Aussie sports trivia to the test

Australian Sports Trivia Questions

Retired Aussie former professional tennis player Ashley Barty won how many Grand Slam singles titles?

In which city did Australian Rules Football originate?

Who is the all-time leading run scorer in Australian Test cricket?

How many times has Australia hosted the Summer Olympics?

Which late-Australian is widely regarded as one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history?

Who is the most capped Australian soccer player?

Who captained the Wallabies to victory in the 1999 Rugby World Cup final?

What was Margaret Court's last Grand Slam singles title?

Who is the only rugby league player to have played over 400 NRL games?

Carlton and which other team has won the most AFL Premierships

In 2002 which NRL team had all its points scrapped for breaching salary caps?

Which Aussie cricket icon retired from Test cricket after the 06/07 Ashes series?

Which Grand Slam singles title did Pat Rafter win twice?

In which event did Tatiana Grigorieva win a silver medal for Australia at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games?

Which Aussie Rules team won 3 consecutive titles between 2001 and 2003?


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sports quiz australia
Did you win in our quiz or feel the bitter taste of defeat?

Now you’ve sampled our Australian sports quiz, we hope you feel more knowledgeable about professional sports Down Under.

Use this quiz to get yourself excited for the sporting seasons ahead, and test your skills against your friends to see who knows more about Aussie sports!

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