15 BEST Irish Quiz Questions and Answers

From Dublin to Donegal, and James Joyce to Liam Neeson, take on our Irish quiz questions to see how much you know about the Emerald Isle!

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Ireland has a long and storied history, with ties to famous adventurers, masterpieces of modern literature and the most iconic ship ever to sail the open seas. Will you be up to the challenge we’ve got in store with our Irish quiz questions?

We’ll be looking at everything from time-honored traditions to Eurovision Song Contest victories, so expect the unexpected! Whether you’re well-informed on all things Irish or looking to learn something new, we’re confident we’ve got the perfect questions for you!

Did you know that the Titanic was built in one of Ireland’s famous shipyards, and could you name which one? Can you name the author behind one of the country’s most highly-regarded novels of all time, Ulysses?

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How much do you know about Ireland?

Looking for the best Irish questions?

Do you know which famous causeway was said to have been built as a bridge between Scotland and Ireland? Can you recall the old Gaelic name for Ireland, or which city now serves as its capital?

Expect answers to all of the above and more among today’s Ireland quiz questions – there’s plenty here to pique your interest!

Put your knowledge to the test and see how you fare – we’re hoping for some high scores!

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irish quiz questions and answers
It’s time to put your Irish trivia to the test!

Irish Quiz Questions

What is the Gaelic name for Ireland?

The prefix 'Mac', found at the beginning of many Irish surnames, means what?

What alcoholic ingredient is used to make traditional Irish coffee?

Which of the following is recognized as Ireland's Patron Saint?

Which of these is NOT a traditional Irish dish?

Ireland is home to the longest coastal drive in the world - what's it called?

Sir Walter Raleigh is said to have brought which of these vegetables to Ireland?

Which of the following is Ireland's capital city?

Muckanaghederdauhaulia is a small townland boasting the longest name in all of Ireland, but where exactly is it located?

Which Irish author rose to fame with his 1922 novel 'Ulysses'?

Which of the following plants is most closely associated with Ireland?

RMS Titanic, the unsinkable ship lost to the sea in 1912, was built in the shipyards of which Irish city?

Which popular autumnal holiday was first celebrated in Ireland?

How many times has Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest to date?

Which causeway is said to have been built as a bridge between Ireland and Scotland?


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Did you have the luck of the Irish in our quiz?

So, how’d you find today’s Ireland quiz questions – we hope it wasn’t too tough! While there were a few tricky ones in there, we’re hoping the luck of the Irish was enough to get you through!

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