15 BEST Eurovision Quiz Questions and Answers

From puzzling performances and unusual outfits to songs that became smash hits, are you music mad enough for our Eurovision quiz questions?

eurovision trivia questions

Let us just say this now – we absolutely love Eurovision and everything about it. Everyone does, right!?

Though some love it and some hate it (who, we don’t know…), Eurovision has played host to some of the most downright bizarre acts in music history. Are you well-versed enough in the weird and wonderful history to tackle today’s Eurovision quiz questions?

We’ll be covering everything from fascinating facts to the tremendous talents and puzzling performers that helped make the contest a phenomenon.

Casual viewers and Eurovision enthusiasts alike should find plenty here to test their general knowledge here!

questions about eurovision
How much do you know about Eurovision?

Looking for the best Eurovision questions?

Do you recall when the contest was first held, or which famous face served as commentator for over three decades? Do you know which country has claimed the most victories, or which has sadly finished last more than any other?

Can you name the Swedish band that found worldwide fame after winning in 1974? And do you recall the song that got them there? Do you remember Bucks Fizz grabbing the spotlight by tearing off certain garments during their contest-winning 1981 showcase?

If you’re feeling pretty good about your odds in today’s Eurovision song contest quiz, read on. Anybody concerned they may not know enough needn’t worry – it’s worth a go for the oddities we’re covering alone!

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eurovision trivia questions
This was the first Eurovision song contest winner – but can you name her?

Eurovision Quiz Questions

The Eurovision Song Contest was first held in what year?

Which of the following was the first Non-European country to be allowed to enter the contest?

Which legendary commentator passed his role on to Graham Norton in 2008?

Which Canadian artist represented Switzerland in 1988's contest?

Conchita Wurst, the stage persona of Thomas Neuwirth, won 2014's contest for which country?

Which of the following countries did NOT share a joint victory with France in 1969's contest?

Buranovskiye Babuskhi, a sextet of elderly ladies, represented Russia in which year's contest?

ABBA won 1974's Eurovision Song Contest with which song?

Which country currently holds the record for most Eurovision victories?

The longest song ever performed at a Eurovision Song Contest clocked in at how many minutes and seconds?

Which country holds the unfortunate record for finishing last in the most contests?

Which famous act won 1969's contest with hit song 'Boom Bang-a-Bang'?

Which of the following claimed victory in 2022's Eurovision Song Contest? ?

What garments did Bucks Fizz famously tear off during their 1981 Eurovision performance?

According to recent rule changes, what is the maximum number of people allowed to take part in a single performance?


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Did you know that Ireland have won it most?

So, how’d you fare with today’s Eurovision trivia questions? If you’re a little disappointed with your score, don’t worry – anything above ‘nil points’ still beats Norway most years!

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