15 BEST EastEnders Quiz Questions and Answers

Test your EastEnders knowledge with our captivating EastEnders quiz! Do you know all about Albert Square? Play now & prove you’re the ultimate fan!

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Are you a loyal viewer of Albert Square? Then get ready to step into the dramatic world of EastEnders with our fun EastEnders quiz!

From the iconic Queen Vic to the tangled web of relationships, we’re about to put your knowledge to the test in this BBC soap classic that’s been running for over 35 years now!

Now if you’re a true EastEnders fan, you’ve likely become emotionally invested in the lives of the unforgettable characters who have graced our screens over the years.

The ups, the downs, the heartaches, and the scandals – it’s all part of the magic that keeps us hooked. But how well do you really know the ins and outs of Walford’s finest?

Our EastEnders quiz is like a trip down memory lane where you’ll encounter the feuds, the affairs, and the unforgettable storylines that have kept us glued to our seats.

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How much do you really know about EastEnders?

Looking for the best Eastenders trivia questions?

Can you recall the iconic moments that had you on the edge of your sofa, screaming at the TV? Do you know the history of the characters who’ve left their mark on the Square?

Prepare to navigate the twists and turns of this beloved British soap as you dive into our quiz. Whether you’ve been tuning in faithfully since the first episode or you’ve recently discovered the gripping world of EastEnders, this quiz is for you.

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Can you remember when Danny Dyer joined the EastEnders cast?

So grab a cuppa, settle in, and get ready to join the residents of Albert Square on this thrilling journey. It’s time to prove that you’re as clued up as Dot Cotton, as fiery as Phil Mitchell, and as wise as Ian Beale.

Play our EastEnders trivia questions now and let the battle for soap supremacy begin. Good luck, and may the best fan win!

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It’s time to test your EastEnders trivia!

Eastenders Quiz

What year was the show first broadcast?

What was Frank Butchers daughter called?

Who yelled the famous line, “Get outta my pub”?

Who killed Lucy Beale?

Who were the first on-screen owners of The Queen Vic?

Which Eastenders character was famous for always having a cigarette in their hand?

What was Bianca famously known for saying?

Who is the only EastEnders cast member to have appeared in the soap since it first aired?

Who was Max Branning revealed to be having an affair with on Christmas Day 2007?

Which female character is battling a brain tumor in the soap?

How many marriages has Ian Beale had?

After faking her own death, what year did Kathy Beale return to Walford?

In 2022, who was finally arrested for being a serial killer?

In what year was "EastEnders" broadcast live?

What is the fake postcode of Albert Square?


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So how did you get on? Did you get 100%?

Congratulations on completing our fun EastEnders questions! Whether you’re an Albert Square expert or discovered new surprises, we hope you enjoyed the journey through Walford’s drama-filled streets.

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Share your score and challenge others to test their EastEnders knowledge. Stay tuned for more soap opera adventures!

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