Ultimate British TV Quiz Questions

From sitcoms to soaps, these British TV quiz questions will test your knowledge on shows from the past.

british tv quiz questions
These British TV quiz questions will challenge you

It’s time for another fun entertainment quiz! This time we’re delving into the world of television to find out how much attention you’ve paid to the box. Perhaps you’re an all-round telly addict or you’re big fan of British comedy shows.

british tv quiz questions
How well do you the old British sitcoms and dramas?

If you’ve already aced our 2000s movie quiz and are gloating about your achievements in our music general knowledge quiz, it’s time to see how much you know about television shows.

From glitzy game shows to children’s TV, sketch shows to sitcoms, these British TV quiz questions cover a little bit of everything! Did you grow up watching Blue Peter or remember the good old days of Coronation Street? Your knowledge could come in handy!

Time to see if you’ve got square eyes or need to brush up some more TV gold. Here come 15 British TV quiz questions. Ready?

british tv quiz questions
Ready for some fun British TV quiz questions?

Ultimate British TV Quiz

On which classic game show might you hear 'Can I have a 'P' please, Bob?

In which year did Coronation Street first air?

Who played Basil Fawlty's wife Sybil in Fawlty Towers?

Which kids show featured a furry bear named Bungle?

Victoria Wood starred as Bren in which sitcom set in a canteen in a Manchester?

Which TV comedy show features two tailors with the catchphrase "Ooh! Suit you sir!"?

Matt Lucas kept the scores on Shooting Stars, but what was his baby-like character's name?

Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Colin Baker have all played the same character... who?

Captain George Mainwaring is one of the main characters in which long-running British sitcom?

In which hilarious show would you find best friends Edina and Patsy swigging champagne?

Which comedy star had a sketch where he held a giant mobile phone and shouted 'HELLO'?

Which British TV show, which began in 1983, is set at Sun Hill police station?

Who was Ronnie Corbett's comedy partner?

In which town is The Office set?

If you were watching Jet, Lightning, Rhino and Wolf, what show were you watching?

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How did you find this British TV quiz? Have your square eyes got you to the top of the leaderboard or do you need to sit down with a few box sets to revise?

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