Quiz About Sweden: 15 BEST Sweden Quiz Questions

From inspirational ice hotels to history’s fiercest fighters, you’ll need to play it cool if you’re hoping to conquer our Sweden quiz questions!

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Famed for its verdant forests and enchanting lakes, Sweden boasts some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. Are you confident enough in your cultural prowess to tackle our Sweden quiz though?

We love a good mix of questions, so expect to see everything from capital cities and local cuisine to prolific pop bands and historic warriors. No matter how confident you are going in, we’re packing this one with fun facts for you to take away!

Can you recall the color of the cross on the Swedish flag, or the country’s national animal? Do you know how many lakes there are across the nation, or what the term ‘Kebnekaise’ refers to?

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How much do you really know about Sweden?

Looking for the best quiz about Sweden?

Are you familiar with Sweden’s most beloved band ABBA and their unforgettable 1974 Eurovision victory? Have you dreamed of spending a night in the famous ICEHOTEL, and do you remember when it was first established?

If all of this hasn’t whet your appetite for a round of Sweden trivia questions, we don’t know what will! Scroll on and pit your wits against today’s quiz – there’s some fascinating facts in there we’ve been dying to share!

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sweden trivia questions
It’s time to put your Swedish trivia to the test!

Sweden Quiz Questions

In what year was Sweden first recognized as an independent country?

Which of these serves as Sweden's national currency?

Swedish megastars ABBA won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with which song?

Which of the following is the national animal of Sweden?

What is Kebnekaise?

Which of the following is the name of Sweden's national anthem?

The capital city of Sweden is __________.

Which of these is the name of a pastry traditionally eaten in Sweden on the 13th of December?

Roughly how many lakes are there across Sweden?

Which of the following famous Vikings was NOT from Sweden?

What color is the cross on Sweden's national flag?

Who among the following is the only non-Swedish member of ABBA?

The National Day of Sweden is celebrated on which of these dates?

Which of these is Sweden's third largest city?

In what year did Sweden's ICEHOTEL first open its doors to the public?

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It’s fika time, so grab yourself a coffee and a pastry

How’d you find today’s quiz about Sweden? We snuck a couple of tricky ones in to keep things interesting, so we hope you’re proud of your final score!

If you had fun with today’s quiz, we’ve plenty more general knowledge quizzes just waiting for you to impress us with! You could always challenge your friends and family, too – there’s no beating a bit of friendly competition!

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