Ultimate German Quiz Questions and Answers

From historic beer laws to fun German expressions, these Germany quiz questions will test your knowledge of one of Europe’s most fascinating countries.

german trivia questions

Are you a whizz at German? Can you name the different German states? How about their capital cities?

If you consider yourself an expert on all things German, then these German quiz questions and answers will really put you to the test!

Whether you are looking for a German language quiz or simply a good old set of German trivia questions, then this is the quiz for you.

While you might know your German car brands, can you name a German composer or the country’s former currencies? Do you think you have what it takes? Will you make it to the end and earn your bratwurst or will you give up halfway and just be left with the sauerkraut?

germany quiz
How well do you know your German landmarks and dates?

With this Germany quiz we will truly challenge your grasp of German history, culture, music, geography, language and more!

There are questions about the world’s most powerful woman, Angela Merkel, trivia about some of Germany’s best-known cities, and of course some more obscure facts to really pick your brain.

Are you ready to start? Viel Glück! There are 15 German trivia questions in this quiz with each having a choice of 4 answers. Only one of the answers is correct, so choose carefully!

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Get yourself a stein and take the quiz now!

German Quiz Questions

What is Germany’s official full name?

The Berlin Wall separated East and West Berlin and famously fell in which year?

Which of the following would you use in German to say ‘goodbye’?

Germany has the second largest population in Europe. To the nearest million, how many people live in Germany?

What is the closest English translation for the German word ‘schadenfreude’?

Which of the following composers came from what is today a part of Germany?

Munich is the capital city of which German state?

Germany adopted the Euro as its official currency in 2002, but what was the name of the currency it replaced?

Angela Merkel made history in 2005 when she became Germany’s first female Chancellor, but how many times has she been re-elected Chancellor?

Germany is home to some of the world’s best-known car brands and has one of the most important automotive industries in the world. Which of the following are German companies?

Berlin became the capital of a reunited Germany in 1990, but which city was the capital of West Germany before reunification?

In German culture it is considered very rude to what?

After the Second World War, war trials were held in which heavily bombed German city?

Dating back to 1516, the German Beer Purity Law dictates beer can only be made from which of the following 4 ingredients?

Which German city is the country’s financial capital and the home of the European Central Bank?

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Wunderbar, you made it to the end! We hope you enjoyed the challenge and aced those German language quiz questions.

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