Quiz About Japan: 15 BEST Japanese Quiz Questions

From customs and culture to samurai and sake, do you know enough about the Land of the Rising Sun to tackle our fun quiz about Japan?

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The Land of the Rising Sun is known for everything from architecture and arts & crafts to anime, manga and video games. Whether you’re a shameless otaku or a casual culture vulture, do you know enough to ace today’s quiz about Japan?

We’ll be looking at everything from famous mountains and monarchy to currency, customs and local cuisine, so expect a challenge. No need to worry, though – there’s plenty here we’re sure you’ll be able to unpick!

Are you familiar with the enigmatic Geisha, famed for enrapturing crowds with their beauty, song and dance? Have you heard the tales of the noble Samurai, iconic Japanese warriors of times long since passed?

japanese quiz questions
How much do you really know about Japan?

Looking for the best Japanese quiz questions?

Can you name the religion most widely followed in Japan today, or the traditional wine used as part of their purification rituals? Do you know your Japanese cuisine and which foreign takeaway has become something of a Christmas Eve tradition?

If none of the above are ringing any bells, we’ve plenty more Japan quiz questions to come, so don’t count yourself out! We’ve no doubt you’ll best today’s brainteasers, so scroll on down and show us what you’ve got – ganbatte ne!

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japan quiz questions
It’s time to put your Japanese trivia to the test!

Quiz About Japan

Which Japanese city has the largest population, second only to Tokyo?

Which of the following is NOT a symbol of Shinto, Japan's indigenous religion?

Kyoto is famed for the beautiful Geisha, but what does the word mean in English?

Which of the following Japanese terms refers to graphic novels or comics made in Japan?

Which Japanese wine is traditionally made from fermented rice?

Japan's famous shinkansen, known to Westerners as the bullet train, can reach a maximum speed of _______.

Which of the following is NOT a Japanese dish?

Which of these is the national currency of Japan?

Japan is home to how many active volcanoes in total?

Which flower symbolises the Japanese Imperial family and Emperor?

The Samurai are remembered for wielding curved swords in battle, but what were they called?

Which of the following is officially Japan's highest grossing anime?

In Japan, it's customary to do what upon entering somebody's house?

Which of Japan's mountains is the tallest?

It's become a Japanese tradition to order takeaway from which of these restaurants on Christmas Eve?


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japan quiz questions
How did you get on in our quiz about Japan?

So, how’d you fare with our Japan quiz questions? Whether your score was a bit of a flop or went right to the top, we hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the Land of the Rising Sun!

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