Ultimate Australia Trivia Questions

From its amazing wildlife, to the stars born on its shores, these Australia trivia questions will test you knowledge of the land down under!

Australia trivia questions
These Australia trivia questions will test your knowledge of the country

Australia has a fascinatingly rich history, and its many cute critters and breath-taking vistas offering plenty for locals and tourists alike. If you think you’re an Ozzie know it all, these Australia trivia questions will test how well you know the country’s wonders!

Australia quiz questions and answers
There are 15 challenging Australia quiz questions and answers coming up!

We’ll be touching on all sorts of different trivia, including the country’s biggest stars, largest cities, and most grandiose buildings. Whether you’re merely curious or an afficionado of Australian culture, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into!

How familiar are you with the country’s native wildlife? Can you name Australia’s capital city, or who served as their first Prime Minister? How about the number of time zones the country covers?

Australia trivia questions
These Australia trivia questions cover topics including geography, music and movies

Do you know which Aussie found fame singing ‘The Loco-Motion’, or the name opera singer Helen Porter Mitchell is better knwon by? How about Aussie soap operas… can you name which beach Home and Away is filmed on?

If you’re confident you’ve got what it takes, read on and give our Australia questions your best shot! We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you!

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Australia quiz questions and answers
It’s time for our fun Australia quiz questions and answers!

Australia Trivia Questions

Which of the following animals is native to Australia?

Which of these is Australia's capital city?

Which of the following is the main ingredient of vegemite?

Who was the country's first Prime Minister?

When is Australia Day officially celebrated?

How many different time zones are observed across Australia?

Approximately how long is the Great Barrier Reef?

Which of the following was Australia's first national park?

Which Australian singer became famous for hit single 'The Loco-Motion'?

How many years did it take to build the Sydney Opera House?

The name Australia is derived from the Latin 'Australis', which means which of the following?

Which of the following is generally recognized as the world's most dangerous bird?

Australian soap opera 'Home and Away' is filmed on which famous beach?

The Melbourne Cup is a prestigious event in which of these sports?

By what name is Australian opera singer Helen Porter Mitchell better known?


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So, did any of our Australia questions catch you out, or have you come away with a bonza score? We hope you learned a thing or two along the way – we certainly did putting it together!

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