Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz About India

Ready to take on our general knowledge quiz about India? From unique customs to the country’s culture, see how you score in our India quiz!

general knowledge quiz about india

India is rich in culture and a far cry from the western world in traditions, sport, customs, and entertainment. The country boasts some magnificent architecture and truly unique festivals loved by locals and tourists alike. Do you know enough about the country’s culture to take on our gk quiz about India?

Were you aware that India is divided into several different states, not too dissimilarly to the USA? Have you any idea how many there are and how many people call India home? Would it surprise you to learn that their population dwarfs that of even the USA, for instance?

india quiz questions
How much do you know about India?

Most people know that India is remarkably diverse, with its people currently speaking 22 different languages, according to official figures.

Do you know, however, which language is the most popular or which religion has the most followers? How about the story behind the construction of the Taj Mahal, or why the country throws such a celebration for Diwali?  

We’ll be covering all of the above and plenty more to really test your smarts, so prepare yourself for some puzzlers. If you’ve got what it takes to tackle our India trivia questions, then read on!

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gk questions about india
It’s time to put your Indian general knowledge to the test!

General Knowledge Quiz About India

Fill in the blank: As of 2020, the total population of India stood at _________

Independence Day is celebrated on which of the following days?

Which of the following mountain ranges does NOT run through India?

Who led India's independence movement against the British during the first half of 1900s?

Which of the following states has the highest population?

How many National Parks are there across India?

Which of the following is recognized as the national animal of India?

Which lady became the first female physician to travel to the USA and train in Western medicine?

Which of the following statements about the Taj Mahal is NOT true?

Which language is most commonly spoken in India?

Which of the following is often cited as the largest Hindu temple in the world?

India is a Democratic Republic composed of various states and union territories. How many territories are there in total?

Which of the following religions was NOT born in India?

Fill in the blank: The national flower of India is the ________

Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in the Indian calendar, but how many days does it last for?

Delhi is famous for its amazing architecture and boasts several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Which of the following is NOT one of them?


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Did you make it to the Golden Temple, or fall short in our quiz?

Did you do as well as you expected with our India quiz questions? We mixed a few teasers in there, so don’t worry too much if a couple tripped you up!

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