20 BEST Unusual Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers

Who says Christmas has to be totally traditional? Discover some weird and wacky traditions with these unusual Christmas quiz questions!

unusual christmas quiz

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Leaving out cookies for Santa Claus? Singing Christmas carols by the fireplace? Kissing your loved ones under the mistletoe? Decorating and lighting the Christmas tree? 

These are just some of the traditions that come to mind when we think of the Christmas season. But we’re here to talk about the unusual traditions of Christmas! From eating fried chicken to decorating with spider webs, to the mysterious Christmas pickle. You might not know about all of these just yet, but I bet you’re intrigued!

unusual christmas quiz questions and answers
These unusual Christmas quiz questions and answers are a lot of fun

These unusual Christmas quiz questions will take us around the world from India, Ukraine, Japan, Venezuela and many more to see how people in other countries celebrate the holidays.

unique christmas quiz
How much do you know about the weird and wonderful Christmas traditions

Looking for the best unusual Christmas trivia?

We bet you’ll learn a thing or two as well … and just maybe incorporate some of these wacky traditions into your next Christmas gathering. 

You’ll surely shock your family and friends if you dress up like the goat-like anti-Santa Krampus! Or make a batch of eggnog the old-fashioned way (but with what two ingredients?).

unique christmas questions
There are 20 unique Christmas questions coming up

But we’re wondering … How much unusual Christmas trivia do you know already? It’s not something you really learn in school, but maybe you picked up some strange knowledge somewhere along the way. 

If you can score more than 15 we’d be super impressed! Get your elf thinking cap on, pour a cup of warm eggnog, and prepare yourself to be baffled and inspired by this unusual Christmas quiz!

unusual christmas trivia questions
We think you’ll love these unusual Christmas trivia questions

Unusual Christmas Quiz Questions

In what country is it a tradition to eat KFC on Christmas Eve?

In Canada, Santa Claus receives mail through what postal code?

What monument is known as the world's largest Christmas gift?

What were the original names of Santa's reindeer Donner and Blitzen?

What Christmas carol was the first song ever played in space?

In a recent survey it was found that 82% of people owned one of these?

Instead of Santa Claus, in some Latin countries gifts are given to children by who?

What do Norwegians hide on Christmas Eve to avoid a visit from the Christmas witch?

In what country did the goat-like anti-Santa Krampus originate?

What iconic Christmas tale introduced the phrase 'Merry Christmas'?

In what country are Christmas trees decorated with spiders and spiderwebs?

The first artificial Christmas tree was made of what?

What is true about mistletoe?

Instead of stockings, German children leave what item of clothing for Santa to fill?

What country has a city called Santa Claus?

Eggnog was first made by mixing what two ingredients?

In Venezuela it's a tradition to spend the night before Christmas mass doing what?

In the song the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' how many gifts in total are given?

What is the reward if you're the first to find the Christmas pickle hidden in the Christmas tree?

What is the largest yearly gathering of elves in Alabama called?


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Did you learn anything in these weird and wonderful questions about Christmas?

We hope you enjoyed these unusual Christmas quiz questions! Did you learn something new about the holiday season? If you liked this one why not try our Christmas history quiz or easy Christmas quiz?

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