20 BEST Bread Quiz Questions and Answers

It’s time to discover the wonderful world of bread & bread making! Test your baking expertise with these challenging bread quiz questions!

bread quiz questions and answers

How do you resist the intoxicating scent of bread baking in the oven? Well not many people can! Did you know that fresh baked bread is one of the world’s favorite smells? 

In fact, a poll of 1,000 respondents revealed that the smell of bread made 89% of people feel happiness. How can you argue with those numbers? 

Bread is comforting, delicious, and one of the most important staple foods we have. In fact, every single country has their own version of bread and how to make it. But more on that below!

Looking for the best bread making quiz?

quiz about bread
How much do you really know about bread?

How about you? Do you have a favourite bread? Is it the versatile pita, the flaky croissant, the cheddar biscuit? Or how about marble rye, garlic naan, or challah?

It’s safe to say that it’s impossible to get sick of bread when there are so many varieties and options available. 

bread questions
Naan is one of the greatest breads, isn’t it?

This will also be a bread making quiz, so you’ll have to put on your baker’s hat for a lot of these bread quiz questions. 

How is your knowledge of yeast and baking soda? What was used to preserve bread in ancient Egypt? And what bread must be boiled first before baking?

We think this quiz about bread might be the best thing since sliced bread – and yes, we have a question about that too!

how do you make bread
Who’s ready for lots of fun bread questions!?

Bread Quiz Questions

What number is considered a baker's dozen?

The first known leavened bread was made in what country in 4,000 BC?

What staple bread of Indian cuisine is baked in a tandoor oven?

The French term 'pain perdu' or 'lost bread' is more commonly known as what?

What popular bread product is traditionally boiled in water before baking?

In Russian culture it is considered bad luck to do what to a loaf of bread?

In ancient times, the Egyptians preserved bread with what?

What does bread represent in Christianity?

The word bread is derived from the German 'brauthan' which means?

In what decade did sliced bread become popularized?

Earl John Montagu invented what iconic bread dish in the 18th century?

What spongy flatbread is a staple of Ethiopian cuisine?

Austrian Marie Antoinette introduced what classic bread product to the French?

In the Middle Ages, monks gifted children with what bread product for learning their prayers?

What American bread brand is recognized by its red, yellow, and blue logo?

Gluten is a mixture of what two proteins?

What country eats the most bread per capita?

In what fairytale are breadcrumbs used to mark a path through the forest?

Quick bread made without yeast uses what leavening agent instead?

The dense dark rye pumpernickel originates in what country?


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We hope you enjoyed these bread quiz questions and answers! Did they inspire you to start a sourdough? If you liked this one why not try our chocolate quiz or pizza quiz? Both are among our most popular food quizzes, so play it now!

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