20 BEST Burger Quiz Questions and Answers

From the origins of the classic burger to the most popular fast food options, come test your hamburger knowledge with these delicious burger quiz questions.

burger quiz question and answers

Americans consume billions of burgers each year and the burger has become a classic staple of American cuisine. But when you think of burgers what comes to mind? 

Is it a ground beef patty made at home and popped onto the barbecue? A fancy burger served in a restaurant with expensive toppings and the finest minced meat? Or a classic fast-food burger from McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s?

These burger quiz questions will touch on all of these classic ways to prepare burgers as well as the fascinating history behind America’s favorite food.

questions about burgers
These questions about burgers might surprise you!

Looking for the best burger trivia?

And did you know that the burger almost went through a name change after World War II? You will not believe what we were almost calling it!

And that’s just one example of burger trivia that will be sure to surprise you.

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This burger quiz is very juicy

Other quirky burger facts we’ve uncovered include the cost for the first burger at White Castle, the location of the International Hamburger Hall of Fame, and the city where you can find the most in-your-face burgers in America.

burger quiz
This burger quiz might make you hungry

Not to mention a burger-scented perfume and the dictator who claimed to have invented the burger!

So why don’t you come along with us for a little dose of Americana and sink your teeth into the juiciest burger quiz questions we could find!

trivia questions about burgers
Wrap your lips around these trivia questions about burgers!

Burger Quiz Questions

What fast food chain is popular for its square burgers?

The burger was first popularized in what country?

The word hamburger is named after a city in what European country?

The 1904 World's Fair in this US city introduced the hamburger to the masses?

First opened in Wichita, Kansas in 1921 this fast food chain was the first to serve hamburgers?

This McDonald's hamburger sells over 550 million units per year?

What is Burger King called in Australia?

What % of American restaurants are considered 'burger joints'?

What is the ideal meat to fat ratio for a perfect tasting burger?

The International Hamburger Hall of Fame is located in what state?

The first hamburgers sold at White Castle in 1921 cost how much?

How many burgers are served annually in the USA?

What is the most typical beef cut used in burger mixtures?

What dictator once claimed he invented the burger?

In 2008, Burger King released a burger-scented perfume called what?

After World War II there was a push by American soldiers to rename the burger to what?

What city sells both the most unhealthy and the most expensive burger on the US market?

Why don't McDonald's hamburgers rot?

In what decade did cheeseburgers become popular?

What % of sandwiches sold worldwide are burgers?


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How much fast food trivia did you really know?

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