20 BEST Tea Quiz Questions and Answers

Green, black, white & oolong – there’s such a rich variety of tea to savor. Show your love for this drink by acing these tea quiz questions!

tea quiz questions and answers

What kind of tea is your favorite to drink? A rich black tea with milk and sugar? A clean and soothing green tea with lemon? Or a tall glass of iced tea in the summer sun?

One thing’s for sure, we have been enjoying tea for a really long time. Which means there are tons of fascinating tea quiz questions for us to test you on!

In fact, the earliest physical evidence of tea-drinking origins dates back to the Han Dynasty in the 2nd century BCE – that’s over 2,200 years ago!

Looking for the best tea trivia?

questions about tea
How much do you really know about tea?

Even more impressive, it’s believed that the Chinese were drinking tea as far back as 2,700 BC. They really liked their tea then, and they still do today.

With all this rich history, you probably think China drinks the most tea per capita. Well, one of our tea quiz questions will ask just that. We’ll let that one steep in your mind for a bit! 

And here’s another interesting little piece of food trivia that really surprised us. Did you know that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world? That’s right, the only beverage that beats tea is water.

how does tea grow
There’s no denying that people love drinking tea

But what fun is boring old water when you can add delicious flavoured leaves to create delicious, comforting tea?

So how about making yourself a cup of your favorite tea variety and getting cozy with some tea trivia questions? Let’s do it!

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It’s time to put your tea knowledge to the test

Tea Quiz Questions

Tea is derived from the leaves of what plant?

What tea is created with the addition of bergamot?

The British Standards Institute's guide to tea suggests steeping tea for how long?

Which of these teas does not contain caffeine?

Darjeeling tea is grown in what mountain range?

At what elevation does tea grown best?

What country drinks the most tea per capita?

During a traditional afternoon tea in the UK, who pours the tea?

85% of US tea sales fall into what category?

Green tea in powdered form is known as what?

What cocktail often includes the addition of tea?

92,000 pounds of tea were dumped into the harbor of what city in 1773?

What is tasseography?

What tea is the most fermented?

The famous treat bubble tea was invented in what country?

In what country is the oldest living tea plant located?

What is Japanese green tea mixed with toasted brown rice called?

What is sun tea?

What country produces the most tea?

What tea contains the most caffeine?

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tea trivia questions and answers
Time for a cuppa! How did you get on?

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