Ultimate Cheese Quiz Questions and Answers

Orange or blue, soft or hard, melted on nachos or stacked on crackers, let’s put your cheese knowledge to the test with these cheese quiz questions!

cheese trivia questions

From dinner parties to fancy restaurants to weekend picnics away, cheese is just the best (sorry vegans…)

Cheese brings people together to laugh, share, and eat while tickling the tastebuds with sharpness, tang, bitterness and salt.

Owing to its versatility, fat content, and variety of flavours, cheese is an adaptable ingredient used in cooking, but is just as good sliced straight from the block.

So good in fact, that the average American eats 40.4 pounds of cheese each year! How about that as a cheese fact for you!

Recognized as one of the world’s most popular comfort foods, how will you do with these cheese quiz questions and answers?

cheese trivia
It’s time to test everything you know about cheese

Do you know the difference between an American and English cheddar? Or what cheeses are made from the milk of an eclectic group of animals including the sheep and the buffalo? And what is it exactly that causes a cheese to turn blue?

It’s time to put your knowledge to test with these cheese trivia questions and answers. Let’s see if you’ll “cheese the day”. (We’re sorry, that joke might’ve been a bit too cheesy there…)

Also, if you enjoy cheese, chances are you’ll enjoy wine to go with it, so take our wine quiz after this one and see how well you do!

cheese quiz facts
Let’s see if you’ll be invited to the dinner party

Cheese Quiz Questions

What French cheese is considered to be the 'bluest' cheese in the world?

What country is known for the invention of cheddar cheese in the 12th century?

Much like a sommelier in the wine world, what is a cheese connoisseur called?

Spain’s most famous cheese manchego is made from the milk of what animal?

What Italian cheese often sprinkled on pasta is strictly controlled and can only be processed in one area of Northern Italy?

The United States’ most popular cream cheese is named after what American city?

Dating back to 3200 years, the first evidence of cheese was found in what country?

The process of heating milk to a temperature of 149° F to kill bacteria during cheesemaking is called what?

What popular cheese is made with milk from a goat?

What famous Dutch cheese is known for being smoked or containing caraway seeds?

What versatile Italian cheese used often on pizza and lasagna was originally made from buffalo milk?

Can you guess the cheese with the highest fat content?

By what process is cheddar cheese made mild or sharp?

What is a fear of cheese called?

What causes cheese to mold creating the distinct flavour and color of blue cheese?

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So, how gouda did you do on these cheese quiz questions? If you did badly, don’t feel blue, just set your mind at cheese and let it brie, because you’re grate!

Now, share these cheese trivia questions with your fellow cheesemongers to find out who’s the big cheese!

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