Ultimate Food Trivia Questions For Adults

We take no responsibility for any growling stomachs or strange cravings that occur while answering these food trivia questions for adults!

food trivia questions for adults
How will you fare with these food trivia questions for adults?

Food brings us together, it is used to express our cultures, enrich our traditions, and sustain our daily lives. They say you are what you eat, but how much do you actually know about what you’re feasting on? It’s time to test your knowledge with these food trivia questions for adults.

How good is your world food knowledge? Can you name the places where particular foods originate, or the ingredients in popular dishes?

food trivia questions for adults
We’ll test your knowledge of ingredients in these food trivia questions for adults

Whether you’re a master chef in the kitchen, or still trying to master the humble grilled cheese, these food trivia questions for adults might have you scratching your head.

To keep you on your toes, there are some unusual food quiz questions thrown in there too (including on everyone’s favourite fruit the avocado!)

For example, did you know that there is a fruit so pungent that it is banned on public transport in some countries? You might learn a few things along the way too!

Foodies worldwide unite, prepare your favorite snack, and see how many of these food trivia questions for adults you can answer.

food trivia questions for adults
Good luck – it’s time to start the quiz!

Food Trivia Questions

In the USA, what is the most popular flavor of ice cream?

Which of these has the highest percentage of water?

The sale of soft drink Coca Cola is officially banned in two countries. One is North Korea, which is the other?

Foie Gras is made from a duck or goose’s what?

Fast food chain McDonald’s has over 14,000 outlets in the United States of America. Which state has the highest number of McDonald’s outlets?

Which funny fruit is known for being so pungent, it is actually banned on public transport in some countries?

The name of which popular Mexican food translates as ‘little donkey’?

Escargot is the culinary name for which creature?

Which country does Gouda cheese come from?

Cuy is often on the menu in South American countries such as Peru. If you ordered it, which animal would you be eating?

Which Portuguese town is known for selling phallic shaped baked goods, which are given in January and June to promote fertility?

Pizza is one the most popular foods in the world, and can be found almost everywhere. From which Italian city does modern pizza originate?

Which of these foods is not commonly claimed to be an aphrodisiac?

Traditionally, which meat is a Wiener schnitzel made from?

Which country has the most Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlets in the world?

What fruit is also known as an 'alligator pear'?

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