Ultimate Food Origins Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you a foodie? Then take this food origins quiz to really test your knowledge on the world’s favorite foods & their true origins!

food origins quiz questions and answers

Calling all foodies for this food origins quiz!

In the modern world, foods from all across the planet are available in supermarkets near us. Think about what cuisines you could order from your phone right now; Chinese, Indian, Thai, Turkish. The list is pretty much endless – that’s why we love takeout so much!

There are hundreds of cuisines available all over the world and thank goodness for that! We would be missing out on so much amazing food otherwise.

But where do your favorite foods originate from? Even traditional American food origins are often incredible stories that would surprise even the most seasoned foodies among us!

food origins trivia
Do you know where your favorite foods come from?

Who decided to bake the first cheesecake? Which nation eats the offal of sheep wrapped in stomach lining (and enjoys it)? You might be surprised to find out where some of our most popular foods actually come from!

So, foodies, prepare yourselves. Whether you know your food origins or are just curious, it’s time to tuck in.

Let’s see how you get on in our ultimate food origins quiz below. Hopefully you can prove yourself to be the ultimate foodie!

where does food come from
We think the origins of food will really surprise you!

Food Origins Questions

Which brand of chips was originally invented in Disneyland, 1964?

Escargot - snails in garlic sauce - comes from which European country?

Gallo pinto - a breakfast of rice, black beans, scrambled eggs and a small tortilla - originates where?

Where does cheesecake originate from?

Which country introduced 'fish & chips' to the world?

Which country was the first to grow corn?

Love it or hate it - where does cauliflower originate from?

Haggis is a dish of sheep offal in stomach lining. Who is responsible for creating this?

Shaken, not stirred. Where do olives come from?

Which country has the oldest written record of growing grapes?

Where does the Caesar salad originate from?

You're at a local restaurant eating a dish made of french fries with cheese curds and gravy - where are you?

Where do kiwis originate from?

Shish kebab was first made in which country?

Where does peanut butter come from?


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food origins questions
Anyone else feeling hungry after that?

We hope you enjoyed playing our food origins quiz. We are officially in the mood for some snacks!

Challenge your friends and family by sharing these food origins questions and see if they can beat your food origins trivia skills!

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