Ultimate Pizza Quiz Questions and Answers

From pizza toppings to the origins of this delicious dish, this pizza quiz will test your knowledge of one of the world’s favorite foods!

pizza quiz questions
These pizza quiz questions will test how much you love this Italian dish

Hands up if you LOVE pizza! Surely there isn’t a single person on the planet who doesn’t enjoy this delicious meal. But even if you’re a pizza fan, how well do you know your pizza recipes?

Do you know your Chicago style pizza from a traditional Italian creation? How about the ingredients? If you are up for the challenge and are ready to test your modern pizza knowledge, then we have the perfect set of questions about pizza for you!

pizza trivia
From Italy to NY and Chicago, your pizza trivia knowledge needs to know about all styles of pizza to ace this quiz!

This pizza trivia quiz will truly test your grasp of the art of pizza making. While you might know where pizza comes from, can you name the traditional type of dough, which ingredients belong in it and the right techniques?

pizza trivia
If this is your favorite food, you’ll do well in this pizza quiz

There are some tricky questions coming up, including some about pizza toppings and just how many of the delicious treats are eaten in the United States every year.

So, the moment has come! It’s time to face 15 pizza quiz questions and answers. Each question has a choice of 4 answers. There is only one correct answer, so choose carefully!

pizza quiz questions
Best of luck with these pizza quiz questions!

Ultimate Pizza Quiz Questions and Answers

The Quatro Stagioni pizza is a popular choice, but what does its name mean?

A Hawaiian pizza is topped with which tropical fruit?

Which of the pizza toppings below would you not traditionally find on a Margherita pizza?

Where was pizza invented?

Which of the ingredients below are not included in a traditional pizza dough

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the US, but what is the most popular topping in the country?

Cornicione is the technical term for which part of a pizza?

What is the difference between a Chicago style pizza and a New York pizza?

Mayonnaise is a popular pizza condiment in which country?

Frozen pizza first appeared in stores in which decade?

In the United States what is the most popular day of the year for ordering pizza?

Which country eats the most pizza per capita in the world?

Mozzarella cheese accounts for how much cheese production in the US?

Pizza bianca is a type of pizza that does not include what?

Which superheroes famously love pizza?

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