20 BEST Baking Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you prepared to rise to the occasion? Set your timer to bake, strap on an apron and get ready for these delicious baking quiz questions!

baking quiz questions and answers

There’s no greater smell in the world than a loaf of bread or a dozen muffins coming fresh out of the oven. You can almost smell them now, can’t you?

We often associate the scents of baking with family and cooking in the kitchen at home, so it’s no wonder that baking has become a popular past time for people of all ages and cultures. When a batch of cookies or fluffy meringue come out just right, we can’t wait to share it with the people we love.

The question is, how much do you really know about baking? We’re about to find out in our baking quiz questions and answers! This one is for all you baking aficionados out there.

questions about baking
How much do you really know about baking?

Looking for the best baking trivia questions?

On the flip side, baking can go horribly wrong with just one misstep. The ingredients, measurements, temperatures and wait times are an exact science that can be derailed very easily with the smallest mistake.

What is a convection oven exactly? Will your yeast bloom at 100°F? What is proofing? What is kneading? Try and think clearly, or these baking quiz questions will have you saying dough!

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Former judge of The Great British Bake Off Mary Berry says, “Baking is both physical and mental therapy.” While that may be true in the kitchen, you’ll need mental fortitude to answer these baking questions correctly.

Also, if you love food and baking as much as we do, then chances are you’ll enjoy this quiz all about different types of food! We’re also a BIG fans of this fun chocolate quiz!

baking trivia questions
Right. Ready. Steady. Quiz!

Baking Quiz Questions

What television show challenges home bakers to create delicious desserts and breads in a series of head-to-head challenges?

In the process of cake baking which of the following is NOT a raising agent?

A vanilla sponge cake sandwiched with jam and cream filling is named after what British monarch?

The classic chocolate brownie consists of butter, sugar, chocolate, flour and what other ingredient?

What baking technique breaks up lumps in flour to get a more accurate measurement?

In what temperature range is it ideal for dry active yeast to proof, bloom and multiply?

What famous pastry has a crescent shape and is made by layering butter and folding dough several times in succession?

What nostalgic cookie was first baked by Ruth Wakefield in 1938 at the Toll House restaurant in Massachusetts?

What is the special feature of a convection oven that helps cookies and cakes bake more evenly?

In bread making, what is the process of folding and pressing dough to create gluten and elasticity?

What type of sugar contains the most molasses?

What is the process in pie baking called when the crust is baked on its own without the filling?

What popular Italian dessert made with coffee and ladyfingers translates to “carry me up”?

What is the more common name for sodium bicarbonate which is often used in baking as a leavening agent?

What common dessert and pie topping is created by beating together egg whites and sugar?

What is the primary ingredient in puff pastry?

Which of the following is a leavening agent commonly used in baking?

What is the purpose of creaming butter and sugar in baking?

Which of the following is a type of pastry that is typically used for making fruit tarts?

Which type of sugar is commonly used in making meringues?

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So how did you get on with our fun bake quiz?

Ding! Your baking timer is up and we must now see the results of your baking trivia questions. Did they come out of the oven with a lovely golden crisp or did you encounter the dreaded soggy bottom?

Next, challenge your friends and family with these scrumptious questions about baking and see how they do. We bet you’re the king or queen of the kitchen though! You can also check out all our food and drink quizzes here!

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