Ultimate Christmas History Quiz

From the earliest stories of Santa Claus to surprising Christmas traditions, this Christmas history quiz will test your knowledge!

Christmas history quiz
This Christmas history quiz will test your knowledge of the festive season

Though we’re all busy preparing for the holidays, we thought it was high time for a bit of festive fun. Do you think you have what it takes to ace our Christmas history quiz?

We’ll be paying particular attention to fun facts and figures from throughout the history of the holiday period, so get your thinking caps on! Do you know where the story of Santa Claus originates from, or which historical figure dared to try and ban Christmas?

Christmas history quiz questions and answers
These Christmas history quiz questions and answers range in difficulty

Can you tell us when decorating the Christmas tree first became a tradition, or what goes into a Tudor Twelfth Night cake? Have you ever heard of the Christmas Truce… and could you tell us when and where it took place?

Christmas history quiz
This Christmas history quiz really turns back the clock

Our Christmas history trivia covers everything above and plenty more besides, so history buffs should be prepared to impress! Whether you’re confident you’ve got this cracked or not, we’re sure you’ll learn a fascinating fact or two regardless.

Xmas history quiz questions
How much do you really know about the festive season? These Xmas history quiz questions will reveal all!

Ready to play? There are 15 Christmas history questions coming up. Best of luck!

If our Christmas history quiz isn’t tough enough, see if you can ace our hard Christmas trivia questions!

Christmas history quiz questions and answers
Best of luck with these Christmas history quiz questions and answers

Christmas History Quiz

In which year was the Christmas Truce declared?

In the 1970s, which American company successfully marketed their products to the Japanese as 'traditional' Christmas delicacies?

Decorating the Christmas tree first became customary in which country?

In which year did Queen Elizabeth II first broadcast her Christmas address?

In what year was ‘Good King Wenceslas’ assassinated?

Which Christmas tradition was introduced in the United States by R H Pease?

What dried object would be baked into a traditional Tudor Twelfth Night Cake?

Santa Claus' origins can be found in which early Christian saint?

During WW2, which of the following served as a substitute for Christmas pudding due to rationing?

Which historical figure famously tried to ban Christmas?

Which of the following events first took place on Christmas Day, 1864, in London’s Hyde Park?

In which country do people place spiders’ webs on their Christmas trees for good luck?

Which famous Christmas song was actually composed in 1857 to commemorate Thanksgiving?

Which of the following would typically be "roasting on an open fire" at Christmas time?

Which of these carols was first sung on Christmas Day, 1818, in the church of St Nikolaus, Oberndorf, Austria?


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Was our Christmas history trivia as hard as you’d expected, or no bother at all? Whether you came out with a perfect score or not, we’re hoping you found an interesting fact or two along the way!

If today’s quiz has left you thirsty for more, there are plenty more fun Christmas quizzes to play. They’ll see you right through the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

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