Ultimate Elf Trivia Questions and Answers

A roaring fire, eggnog and Elf on the TV – it’s Christmas time! See how much you know about this awesome film in our Elf trivia questions now!

elf trivia questions and answers

Many people believe Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time, and those people would be wrong, because everyone knows it’s Elf!  

Dare we say it, it might even be Will Ferrell’s best movie of all time. Either way, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without watching this film with the family.

If you think you know the movie Elf, you should prove it by enjoying our ultimate Elf trivia questions. With Christmas just around the corner, this classic festive movie is the perfect choice for you to unwind with.

elf quiz questions and answers
How much do you know about the movie Elf?

So, you need to try to assess some of the best experiences you can have with the movie, and this is a great reason to watch this amazing movie yet again!

Do you know Buddy’s favorite thing to do in Central Park? Or which department store he gets a job at? And what’s his favorite food?

These are the sorts of questions that will be explored in our Elf quiz, so pit your wits against your family this Christmas and see how you do!

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elf multiple choice questions
It’s time to put your Elf knowledge to the test!

Elf Trivia Questions

What gift does Buddy receive before leaving for the North Pole?

The film's director Jon Favreau has a cameo as which character?

How many cotton balls does Buddy eat?

How many times is the word 'Elf' used in the movie?

What is the name of the lead protagonist in the movie?

Where did Buddy grow up?

Why does Buddy travel to New York?

Elves enjoy 4 core food group; candy, candy canes, cotton candy, and...?

What is Buddy's first line in the movie?

What does the mail room smell like, according to Buddy?

Buddy's girlfriend Jovie is played by which American actress?

What was Buddy's job at the North Pole?

Which famous New York landmark do Jovie and Buddy visit to see a Christmas tree?

Name the department store Buddy gets a job at

How much did Elf gross at the box office?

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elf questions
Did you score big like Buddy, or were you left wanting more?

So, how did you get on it our Elf quiz? Did you remember all the details, or do you need to rewatch it again? Heck, we’ll probably rewatch it again anyway!

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