Ultimate Christmas Food and Drink Quiz Questions

Festive fans listen up! It’s time to see how much attention you’ve paid to your favorite meal of the year with these fun Christmas food and drink quiz questions.

Christmas food and drink quiz questions
These Christmas food and drink quiz questions are seriously good fun

When it comes to fun celebrations, Christmas has to be the ultimate. It’s a time to gather the family together, enjoy some quality time, exchange a few presents and of course, feast on some delicious Christmas food and drink.

Christmas food quiz
If you love all things festive, you’ll ace our Christmas food quiz

But, how much attention have you paid to what you’ve been cooking or eating? Do you know a traditional bread sauce recipe by heart or remember what goes into a Christmas pudding?

Christmas food and drink quiz questions
Do you know your Christmas desserts? Time to find out!

Do you cook a turkey or a chicken on the big day? What about eggnog – is that your favorite festive tipple or something you avoid at all costs?

Whether you’re enjoying a traditional English Christmas dinner or have your own twist on the classic meal, these Christmas food and drink quiz questions are guaranteed to test your knowledge of this fun time of the year.

Christmas food quiz
This Christmas food quiz is perfect to play with the family

So, crank up the Christmas songs, pour yourself a glass of something warming and pop a mince pie in the oven in preparation for this fun Christmas trivia quiz.

‘Tis the season, after all! Best of luck, here we go.

Christmas drink quiz questions
Best of luck with these Christmas drink quiz questions!

Christmas Food and Drink Quiz Questions

1. Which of these ingredients WOULDN'T you find in a traditional bread sauce recipe?
2. True or False: The first mince pies contained meat.
3. According to the old English tradition, which coin was placed in the Christmas pudding mixture?
4. According to the classic Christmas song what ingredient was ‘roasting on an open fire’?
5. Which fruity sauce might you serve with roast turkey?
6. Which key ingredient is missing from this list of eggnog ingredients: milk, cream, eggs...?
7. What are 'pigs in blankets'?
8. Candy canes are traditionally which two colors?
9. Which drinks brand is credited with popularising Santa's red and white outfit?
10. Why do we eat chocolate coins at Christmas?
11. Which spirit is traditionally poured on top of a Christmas pudding and then lit?
12. Lebkuchen is the German name for which festive food?
13. Panettone originated in which country?
14. Complete the lyric to this popular Christmas carol: "Oh, bring us a _______ pudding and a cup of good cheer".
15. What is another name for the warm red wine with spices, usually drunk at Christmas?

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