Ultimate Christmas Music Quiz Questions and Answers

From Sleigh Bells to Santa Claus, test your holiday song knowledge with these Christmas music quiz questions!

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The holiday season is dominated by the sound of jolly Christmas music coming from every store front. While everyone can probably bust out the classics with enough coaxing, how much do you actually know about those love-to-hate Christmas songs?

For example, did you know that the first song to ever mention Santa Claus was written in 1864 and called ‘Up on the Housetop’? That’s such a good trivia night fact!

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How well do you know your holiday songs?

The tradition of Christmas Carolling started over 700 years ago. Since then, it has become a time for people to join together in song and spread cheer throughout the darkest season. And let’s be honest, we all love a Christmas singalong.

While the songs of Christmas past stand strong through the years, new hits are being made whenever the holiday rolls around in a bid to make it to the Christmas number 1.

The question is, do you know your Rudolphs from your Blitzens? Can you name the most covered Christmas song of all time?

Test yourself with this Christmas Music trivia quiz!

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christmas song quiz questions
Hopefully you’ll be all smiles at the end of this quiz!

Christmas Music Quiz Questions

According to a popular Christmas song, what is ‘roasting on an open fire’?

In the famous song ‘Jingle Bells’ how many horses are leading the sleigh?

King of rock & roll Elvis Presley sang which smooth Christmas tune?

Which is the most-covered Christmas song of all time?

Which of the Beatles wrote the winning song ‘Wonderful Christmastime’?

Which surprisingly popular song begins ‘It was Christmas Eve, babe, in the drunk tank…’?

Who is not a reindeer accompanying Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

“Getting Whammed” refers to walking into a store and hearing which catchy song?

Which of the following is not included in ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’?

Who had Christmas top spot with Killing in the Name in 2009?

The holiday song ‘O Holy Night’ made history as:

Bing Crosby sang a Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth Mashup with which other famous artist?

The beautiful Christmas song ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ was originally written as a call for peace during which conflict?

In what Hollywood movie did the bestselling song, ‘White Christmas’, first appear?

Which Christmas tune backed a famous dance scene in the hit film Mean Girls?


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How well did you do? Are you Kris Kringle or one of the elves?

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